Secured Data and Encryption

Security Components  (CIA)

TrackResults Software has never had an incident of data integrity or loss.

Confidentiality – Disclosure of sensitive data can result in loss or damage such as: identity theft, lawsuits, loss of business, or regulatory fines. Any data that contains sensitive information must be protected from unauthorized users.

Integrity – Your data is is the lifeblood of your business; it is your competitive edge.  Knowing that your data is safe from both internal and external intruders and is in a secure state is of prime importance to both you and us.  What we provide is confidence.  Now you can track results you rely on.

Accountability – Being able to trace the source of every data transaction.  If there is a change in data value, there is a record of who, what, when and where data was accessed, altered or eliminated. All of this is accomplishe in real time, by means of an audit, trail, or both.

Protocols Applied  (PPP)

Information security – Is protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. Protocols are applied to (PPP):

People – Authentication is the act of verifying a claim of identity.  We use both discretionary, and non-discretionary role- based permissions.

Products – Availability is paramount.  We employ High Availability controls to ensure that your data is available at all times; preventing service disruptions due to power outages, hardware failures, and system upgrades. We remain available through cellular networks so you can always track results of your teams, no matter what.

Procedures – Intuitive controls and business rules ensure your information is reliable. We coded permissions using the principle of least privleges, gradually increasing from less to more. You can be confident in assigning the correct self documented roles to your staff. We help you apply separation of duties. The majority of TrackResults’ suggested procedures are important to retain security, however it’s possible to modify them so they conform to your individual business’ best practices.

Information Security (IS)

We provide extra layers of Security – No Fear


  1. Field level security applied to the website to mask data from unauthorized users
  2. 14 preconfigured Permission Sets for you to hide or display certain intelligence.
  3. Compartmented info levels by assigning pre-built “roles” ( sales mgr, Office mgr, etc.)
  4. RSA Encryption is used by Law Enforcement and 90% of Global Fortune 500 companies security.
  5. Uses the 256-Bit encryption trusted by banks and financial institutions the world over. 
  6. High Level SSL encryption available for your internet transmittals.
  7. Backups daily and automatically assure business continuity.
  8. Failed login attempt security feature locks the site down after three failed attempts.
  9. Firewall, AntiVirus and Spyware issues are irrelevant.
  10. Microsft SQL server built-in security applied.
  11. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Authentication level security applied.
  12. Enforced password policies applied to eliminate data loss due to employee failure to protect.
  13. Logging and recording options available to track results and all changes.
  14. Cloud hosting prevents physical theft of equipment housing data.
  15. Automatic timed logouts due to inactivity prevent others from accessing critical data using your authentication.