When our previous office closed and we decided to open a new location on our own, it was a no brainer that we needed to get TrackResults set up for our new office to help us monitor all facets of being effective


  Marcie S. CEO

RedRocks , based out of the East coast DC area, took only a couple hours until they were online, and generating Business Intelligence data. The best part of TrackResults software is .. (still being debated). Welcome RedRocks !

Says Jack , CEO, 
“I’m a big sports fan, and I check the boxscores of all of my favorite teams on a daily basis. TrackResults allows me to check out the stats of my different sales sites everyday.. It’s invaluable to not only track how your sales team is doing, but to also see if certain gifts perform better than others, or what tour times have a better show rate. Plus TracResults helps our company track which marketing companies have the best show rate and the best VPG for our various locations. Thier marketing statistics are great.  We look to the TracResults team for results.”

Says VP:
“I’m so glad to be back on Tracks, we had it at our other call center, and we loved it. when I moved to this company without the system,, I really missed it”     

    Laurel Codella – VP Marketing

I have used different versions of TrackResults software, and each one just gets better.
It’s amazing how often I would have made an incorrect business decision, if I didn’t have Tracks to reference first. With TrackResults, I make smart decisions that I can depend on to be accurate.
 I would recommend it to anyone who does not have a specific Business intelligence module custom for them, then get TrackResults. It’s inexpensive, invaluable and works without custom programming needed.

Jeff Jackson: President JW Worldwide

FBD a membership based club bought a license to use TrackResults analytics to tweak thier Sales and Marketing (SAM) decisions, thus increasing margins. Thank you KP, RW and the others for your patronage. We are glad to be able to assist.