TrackResults Software, the vacation ownership industry’s only Business Intelligence exclusive solution, announced today that they have unveiled version 6.0 at the Amdetur convention in Cancun.

Features that are available in this upgrade are –
Detailed Pending business tracking
Mutli-select for Teams, Locations, and Sales centers. 
OPC deposit tracking ( refundable or non-refundable )
Ability to delete a single tour  (from multi tour customers)
Pending sales column added to Efficiency Reports
Seperation of Closing costs / application fee’s ( 1x fees) from sales volume
Recording of Maintenance fee’s or Dues collected
Membership# field added
Owner vs. Non Owner stats  (reload tour reporting)
Method of payment picklists
Purchase disposition ( trade-in credit , cashing out, etc)
Field level auditing of changes ( Jane changed status to Verified @ 11:13am)
Faster loading pages and quicker results from db tuning.

Jesus Betanzos - TrackResults VP sales - Latin America



TrackResults development team and cloud specialists worked tirelessly in response to client requests to analyze the business rules of the vacation ownership industry’s weakest sales processes. The most effective way to enhance our business intelligence solution for timeshares and travel clubs was to deliver what clients are asking for. Datacubes can be sliced, and diced, even further. Oh yeah, and its faster !

Yutsil at Amdetur 2011 Cancun


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We are now also accesable from!!!


TrackResults Software, is pleased to announce that it has expanded our online presence by acquiring the domain name

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PDI added TrackResults to its San Diego and Las Vegas showrooms today under a contract for version 5.5 which includes the VLO module and fast report switching.  furthermore, PDI also contracted to recieve the new Detailed Purchase reporting features, which reports on maint fees, dues, processing fees, closing costs, and the likes, as well as Penders Come Good tracking .  Coincidently, they will also track Penders Gone Bad for revitalization of dormant buyers. ( lol) Thanks to BR, RL and BB.  Enjoy guys

Paradise vacations




We are proud to announce that Portfolio to Paradise Travel has signed with TrackResults for software travel clubs. They were up and running is a few hours. They are enjoying the benefits of the best business intelligence for travel clubs like sales reporting, data mash-up and digital manifesting.


The spokesperson for Portfolio to Paradise had this to say about TrackResults “I have worked with Track Results before with other companies and it is the most efficient way to keep track of your sales team.  It is awesome because all our pertinent sales data is stored on one website that Owners, Administrator’s, Sales Directors and Marketing directors can all communicate and work on as a team even though there are several businesses behind the curtains to manage. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s accurate. The owner’s are also very service orientated, and very helpful to a new business that is just starting. My advice to all sales teams you should already be using this system, if you’re not get it. Thank You, Your awesome, Portfolio to Paradise Team.”


Welcome to TrackResults!!!     

Elite Destinations, after having cancellation issues, upgraded to the TrackResults VLO module , with new features after carefully considering to implement  SPI Orange systems. say A.D. owner of Elite, ” Since Trackresults is easier to use, and has better intelligence for reporting, i will keep them both and connect them later if i am happy with Orange ..  TrackResults now has a critical Cancellation intelligence and analytics module that clearly will track results of the VLO deal savers, on sales worth tens of thousands of dollars per month to us.

Most important, Elite felt the personal attention, and high level of service given to the staff has been limitless, and valuable.