TrackResults Client Testimonials

Read what our clients love most about TrackResults

“Sales is the lifeblood of the business, and as such deserves all the attention and focus I can give it. TrackResults allows this crucial department to identify issues and improve…which has a huge impact on a company’s ability to grow. Custom dashboards allow my Sales Managers to see red flags and identify trends that can hurt sales or identify opportunities that are otherwise missed. We intend to use this feature as a motivational tool throughout the sales department.”

     Steve Grecco, Director of Sales & Marketing – Global Connections Inc

“We have a lot of reports, even dashboards developed by our IT using a business intelligence tool, but TrackResults gives us incredibly easy analytics that is specific to what we do.”

     Anna Kiseleva, Marketing Director – Sunset World

“We need transparency to measure our ability to contact, book, tour, and sell guests in our hotel. TrackResults is the only system we found that combines marketing and sales in such a way for us to see our true performance.”

     Jeff Healy Project Director – Club Tesoro

“TrackResults gives our front line managers the information they want to respond to the changing market and optimize our marketing and sales effort. TrackResults gives us the unique ability to see and measure performance on any aspect of our sales and marketing efforts.”

     Tara Dow, President – ERO

“We decided to sign up with TrackResults because its features serve all of our reporting needs. It’s a great management tool and a solution that is ready to use, with no IT department involvement on our side. That way we can deploy our IT resources to other projects, while we immediately benefit from the out of the box solution that TrackResults has to offer”

     Don Lamont, Senior Financial Manager – Club Leisure Group

“TrackResults has done a good job connecting to our SPI system and figuring out our data to make it all work. We are excited about the increased visibility we now have into our operations and how to optimize our sales. We are now beginning to see the difference between our traditional reports and the power of analytics.”

     Jeff Morris – Stay Sky Vacations

“TrackResults has been brilliant, we are a busy and growing company – we don’t have time to waste. We use TrackResults in our weekly sales meetings to make sure everyone is looking at the same numbers and to drive action to improve marketing and sales performance. Now, these meetings are faster and more focused than ever. We are seeing excellent results”

     Stuart Lamont, Chairman – Club Leisure

“This is innovation to the leading edge.” 

     Don Harrill, CEO – Holiday Inn Club Vacations

“I was frustrated. We used to have a meeting where we made decisions based on opinions – derived from traditional reports. But I knew we had the data needed to make better data-driven decisions – it simply took too long and was too expensive to get out! With TrackResults we can now make fact-based decisions, quickly, and be more responsive to the market.”

     Ira Kristol, Senior VP of Sales Operations – Welk Resorts

“We were tired of waiting for information the slow, old-fashioned way. We wanted to make informed decisions this very instant but found opportunities slipping us by as we waited for IT to produce reports. On the other hand, the speed with which we can access the data in TrackResults is incredible!  They are able to combine information we have in various databases into a single reporting view – which we can then drill into to answer a question in two clicks.”

     Simon Crawford-Welch, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer – Royal Resorts

“I have worked at several places in this industry and all of them had TrackResults. It was so easy to implement and use, it was a no-brainer to sign up for it when we started our own store.”

     Michael G. V. Comino, Vice President – World Wide Travel Destinations

“I have used TrackResults in the past and by far it is the most user-friendly and efficient way to manage our OPC operations.  I am very happy to be using it again.”

     Andrew Goodman – Marketing Solutions

“Legacy Destination chose TrackResults primarily for the comprehensive data analysis and tracking that was easily customizable to our specific needs.  We looked at several options when making our decision and the choice was VERY clear.  There is no other track specific mechanism that does it all and the best part is in about an hour or less, my staff was trained and ready to work.  We have seen an instant 60 – 80% increase in efficiency.  There was simply no competition.”

     Tracey, VP of sales – Legacy Properties

“Thor Corp decided to use Track Results after numerous good referrals from various companies that we know in the travel industry.”

     John T., Owner – Thor Corp

“TrackResults helps us keep track of all our information in a manageable way. It is a very efficient program that everyone in our industry should be using.”

     Philip F., CEO – Destination Request Services

“This exclusive agreement with TrackResults demonstrates our commitment to support our distributors by empowering them with the best tools for competitive productivity, in addition to the advantages that our superior membership benefits offer. The ability to provide our distributors with snapshot answers that are critical to their decision process is a competitive advantage in our recruitment and retention of independent distributors. We felt it made sense to make this investment for the success of our distributors because when they win, we win.”

     Jeanette Bunn, President – Travel To Go

“We are very excited to have the system in place.”  Training was completed 100% remotely during a single day of webinars and video meetings, further emphasizing the technology strides TrackResults brings to the industry.  The local sales office, as well as the complete OPC and mini-vac team, immediately started manifesting tours.  We are very excited.  The whole set-up went off without a hitch.”

     G. Eyler, CEO – Club Land’or

“I love the fact that I track six cities at once from my iPhone.  I fly all of the time, crisscrossing the country, and although I get a nightly end-of-day phone report of the day’s activities from my PD’s, I already know the numbers before they call.  With this information and preparation, I am prepared to question certain things, and be proactive during the call”

     Steve A., Executive VP of Sales – Global Vacation Network

“Recently, we terminated running our legacy dual systems, because TrackResults Software does it all for us.  Until recently, we were not really aware of how powerful and indispensable TrackResults truly is.  We thought that it was just a manifesting and reporting tool, but we have found out that the analytics are amazing.  Our VPG is currently the highest it’s ever been.  We are breaking record highs due to decisions and changes we have made by running analytics with TrackResults Software.”

     Steve A., Executive VP of Sales – Global Vacation Network

“For years I’ve been using an elaborate sequence of custom spreadsheets to manage dispatch, reception, gifting, and payroll. While it did the job, it was over complicated and made it difficult to train others. That all changed when our marketing company started providing tours to a club that was using TrackResults. By seeing how easy it is to input marketing data, how well it organizes it and the myriad of reports and statistics that it creates, the choice to ditch five different Excel files and go with TrackResults was easy. Thanks for significantly cutting my workload!” 

     Matt C. – Preferred Guests

“Track Results gives us the ability to fine tune our operation. Our staff finds it very simple to use, yet the detailed information saves us dozens of hours of valuable time.”

     Steve E., Project Director – Freedom Travel