Client Growth


In 2005, TrackResults introduced the world’s first cloud-based, self-service analytics tool with data-level security. This means TrackResults’ clients DO NOT have the expensive IT burden typical of other Business Intelligence systems. Instead of IT people or expensive analysts, users of TrackResults are typically middle and line managers that can actually act on the results of analytics. This approach to the business is why TrackResults enjoys more user adoption and a lower cost of ownership than any system available in the world today.

New Clients and Existing Client Upgrades

September 2020 – Leading software providers Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership (Merlin) and TrackResults have announced the launch of a joint (API), providing Merlin’s clients with immediate access to TrackResults detailed sales analytics through the Merlin interface. The Merlin to TrackResults API allows sales and marketing data captured in Merlin to be analyzed by TrackResults, providing greater actionable insight for improving sales and marketing performance. The API automates the transfer of data between Merlin and TrackResults. The development of this API allows key data in Merlin to be available for viewing and deeper analysis in TrackResults.

August 2020Holidays Network Group in Florida is expanding its use of TrackResults to capture valuable data on its outbound marketing and call center operations. TrackResults will provide a convenient and easy way to capture data on marketing efforts for personnel, program, campaign, and offer with will give management the power to quickly, easily, analyze marketing performance efficiencies for improved decision making.

February 2020 – Mayan Palace adds Exit Line Module

January 2020 – Travel Expo Pros selects TrackResults for all client analytics reporting.

January 2020 – Global Travel Network added Exit Line modules for all sales centers.

December 2019 – Parliament Marketing added TrackResults for sales & marketing analytics.

December 2019 – Arcadia Resorts added, “Central Hotel” in Sevierville TN as a new site location. Signed Dec 10, 2019

November 2019 – Alma Vacations is opening a new sales center in Costa Mesa, California. They are selling memberships to the luxurious Alma Resort located on 75 acres of beachfront property in Nha Trang, home of the most beautiful coastline in all Vietnam. This sales center is designed to give future Alma Vacation Owners an inviting place to envision how their family will fit in and enjoy an award-winning resort experience. Details on the both the new sales center as well as the resort can be found here:

October 2019 – Taitam Technology Vacations started travel club sales operations with TrackResults in the Greater Toronto Canada area.

August 2019 – Honua Travel Group is a new sales operation selling the Global Connections product in Phoenix Arizona. Led by seasoned travel club veterans, sales will begin in August 2019. Honua will be using TrackResults to capture, organize, manage, and report on sales and marketing activities so they can maximize their marketing investment and sales performance for faster growth.

August 2019 – Prime Vacations licensed TrackResults for the first travel club sales center in Miami Beach, FL.

July 2019 – “We are excited to partner with TrackResults to help us analyze our actions and use the tools the system provides to reach our full potential.” Vacations 4 You is a new premier Travel Club located in beautiful downtown Nashville on the 20th floor of the historic L&C Tower.

June 2019 – Harding Lifestyles has chosen TrackResults to capture, track, and report on the sales and marketing activities of a new sales center in Indianapolis, IN. TrackResults was referred by Latitude Vacation Club which uses our advanced analytics at two other locations. Harding Lifestyles is affiliated with Harding Steinbrenner Racing which recently won the inaugural INDYCAR Classic…Read More

May 2019 – The quickly expanding Latitude Vacation Club signed with TrackResults in order to better capture, track, and analyze the sales and marketing data they capture. Principals of the company also use TrackResults for a timeshare developer in Puerto Rico (Latitude contributes to marketing and tour generation services).

Starting the first week of May 2019 it is anticipated that Latitude Vacation Club will be utilizing TrackResults in 3 sales centers by the end of the month (Orlando, Indianapolis, and Miami).

April 2019Arcadia Resort Club at Indian Rocks Beach, FL upgraded their TrackResults to include the in-house Marketing Module. This will allow them to use TrackResults Analytics to drive higher efficiencies in their in-house marketing efforts. Arcadia will now use TrackResults to sort through and identify the marketing efforts & people that generate profitable penetration rates and sales success without the pain and cost an otherwise very manual process requires.

Now Arcadia can apply TrackResults’ growth analytics throughout the marketing process as well as sales.

February 2019 – Travel Smart Vacation Club partnered with TrackResults for analytical reporting. The two companies completed a phased proof of concept approach at the end of the year. The project included integration with Merlin and a rollout of TrackResults to sales centers in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, and Negril.

February 2019 – Leisure Time Travel selects TrackResults for all Analytics

January 2019 – Great Resort Vacations, based in Salt Lake City, UT, implemented TrackResults for managing the day to day operations of their new travel club sales operations.

November 2018 – Palace Hotels and Residence Club implements TrackResults Read More Here

October 2018 – TrackResult’s Relationship with Best Value Travel Club has Expanded Read More Here

September 2018 – Luna Palace Hotel, based in Mazatlan Mexico signs with TrackResults.

September 2018 – Sunset Vacations adds TrackResults to their Palace Hotels and Residence Club portfolio.

August 2018 – Best Value Travel Club selects TrackResults to maximize their communications efficiency.

August 2018 – Leisuretime Travel LLC Licenses TrackResults for their Litchfield, IL sales center.

July 2018 – Getaway Vacation Club adds a new custom KPI to their TrackResults suite.

July 2018 – The Inn Resorts, based in Mazatlan Mexico signs with TrackResults

June 2018 – Startup travel club Getaway Vacation Clubs, based in Orlando FL selects TrackResults

June 2018 – Operadora de Hoteles y Resort Inns de Mexico selects TrackResults for tour tacking

May 2018 – Holidays Network Group applies the audit capabilities of TrackResults

May 2018 – Wayfinder Vacation Services expands analytics with Tour Status Efficiency View

April 2018 – Best Value Direct implements TrackResults in their Texas Sales Center

March 2018 – Vacation Warehouse in Texas begins using TrackResults for workflow management

February 2018 – Hacienda del Mar implements the full suite of TrackResults modules and features

January 2018 – TravelSmart engages TrackResults to integrate data directly from Merlin into TrackResults software

2017: Four Straight Quarters of Exceeding Projections

December 2017 – Infinitee Travel Network in Carlsbad, CA selects TrackResults as their new analytics platform

October 2017 – Lifestyles Vacation Resort in Branson, MO & Wayfinder adopt TrackResults as their analytics platform

September 2017 – Bravo Marketing, specializing in Travel Club Marketing signs with TrackResults

September 2017 – CR Clearwater executes TrackResults software license agreement

August 2017 – Holidays Network Group selects TrackResults Analytics

July 2017 – Marival Group signs with TrackResults for consulting services

June 2017 – Westgate adds two new sales centers

May 2017Vida Vacations adds In-House Marketing Module in Puerto Penasco to their analytics toolkit

May 2017 – Club Loco joins the TrackResults Analytics Family in four locations

May 2017 – Total Access Travels signs with TrackResults to manage tours and optimize sales in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

May 2017 – Kaleo Marketing adds Sedona Pines Sales Center

April 2017 – Global Connections adds sales center in Texas

April 2017Club Leisure adds sales centers in St. Lucia & Pilanesberg

April 2017 – Club Tesoro signs with TrackResults for Tour and Sales Analytics as well as our In-House Marketing Module

March 2017 – Club Costa Vida Resorts in Puerto Vallarta joins the TrackResults Analytics family

February 2017 – ESJ Towers (San Juan Puerto Rico) signs with TrackResults Software for managing sales and marketing processes and analytics.

January 2017 – StaySky Vacation Club in Orlando FL. grows TrackResults partnership with SPI Orange integration.

January 2017 – Activity Hut goes live on TrackResults for a single sales center based in Oahu, Hawaii.

January 2017 – American Resorts International (ARI) implements TrackResults for sales and marketing data capture and analytics.

2016: Dashboards and Analytics To Go ( 54 locations added )

December 2016 – The Sunset Group chooses TrackResults for marketing analytics. TrackResults accesses Sunset’s existing data through a custom API.

December 2016 – Hawaii-based Platinum Marketing Group completed initial training and “Go Live” on TrackResults.

November 2016 – TrackResults releases new 29.08 version including speed and performance enhancements.

September 2016 – Platinum Marketing Group enlists TrackResults to improve their reporting capabilities.

August 2016 – LPA Marketing Enterprises signs with TrackResults for analytics services.

June 2016 – Royal Holiday adds 15 more sales centers to TrackResults contract. now at 20 sites!

May 2016 – Club Leisure Group buys dashboards module for S.Africa and European centers.

March 2016 – StaySky Vacations completes the first successful connector from SPI into TrackResults analytics.

March 2016 – Timeshare Liquidators expands and adds new contract to new center.

March 2016 – Global Connections secures TrackResults for member upgrade program.

February 2016 – Starpoint Resorts adds V8 Dashboards module in Las Vegas HQ.

February 2016 – ResortsWest completes TimeshareWare/TrackResults API connector in Lake Tahoe.

February 2016 – Global Vacation network adds New Orleans sales center.

February 2016 – OnCall reservations adds TrackResults call center technology.

January 2016 – Condo Travel Club adds new East Coast sales center with TrackResults.

January 2016 – Breckenridge Grand Vacations adds Dashboard module to their analytics lineup.

January 2016 – Condo Travel Club adds new East Coast sales center with TrackResults.

January 2016 – Kaleo Marketing adds 4 more sales centers using TrackResults digital manifests.

January 2016 – Rejoyce Financial contracts for TrackResults business intelligence.

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2015: Unclog Your Data ( 51 locations added )

December 2015 – Breckenridge Grand Vacations renews for another year 2 sales centers.

October 2015 – Lifestyle Vacations adds Tennesee to the lineup.

September 2015 – H10 Resorts adds Inhouse module in Mexico Sales centers.

August 2015 – Starpoint Resorts include TrackResults connector to TimeShareWare API.

July 2015 – Kaleo Marketing adds 4 more sales centers using TrackResults digital manifests.

July 2015 – Easytravel tour generator contracts with TrackResults for OPC version.

June 2015 – Condo Travel Club growth forces expansion and new center.

June 2015 – SFX resorts starts custom development for inventory.

May 2015 – Wholesale Services America deploys TrackResults in Georgia.

May 2015 – Ammo marketing tour generator on TrackResults.

April 2015 – Vidan Mexico Pacific deploys 5 “Nationals” sales centers to TrackResults.

April 2015 – Redrocks Travel opens new Las Vegas store with TrackResults.

April 2015 – Sunshine “DC” comes out of Dormancy with active sales center.

April 2015 – Endless Access opens new sales center with TrackResults in place.

March 2015 – Kaleo marketing adds 3 Wyndham sales centers.

March 2015 – Cranberry Law Resorts contracts TrackResults Analytics new center.

March 2015 – Resorts West Tahoe runs TrackResults analytics on TimeShareWare.

February 2015 – Welk Resorts institutes File upload automation feature for 5 Sales centers.

February 2015 – Innovative Asset management signs with TrackResults.

February 2015 – Target Marketing starts small with TrackResults analytics contract.

February 2015 – Winning Ways adopts our tools loving the OPC digital online manifesting.

January 2015 – Westgate Resorts adds +6 US resorts to TrackResults new automation tools.

January 2015 – Breckenridge Grand (BGV) implements TrackResults as authoritative in 4 sales centers.

January 2015 – Royal Holiday deploys our data information powertools in 5 Sales centers.

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2014: ( 61 sales centers added )

December 2014 – ResortsWest Lake Tahoe, executes contract for TrackResults analytics.

December 2014 – RAD marketing in CSL contracts for both Sales and Marketing analytics.

November 2014 – Canadian Resort Cranberry Law Dives in with TrackResults Analytics.

November 2014 – RSI connects to TrackResults API for its sale center.

October 2014 – SuiteJouneys opens Carribean sales center with TrackResults.

October 2014 – TrueParadise VC opens sales center with TrackResults for workflow system.

September 2014 – Ocean Maya Resort in Cancun contracts for Sales analytics.

September 2014 – Endless Access adds new location for TrackResults reporting.

September 2014 – TravelWriters executes for comprehensive marketing analytics.

August 2014 – Sunday Enterprises contracts both sales and marketing analytics in New York.

August 2014 – EndlessAccess gets TrackResults sales analytics in perm sales centers.

August 2014Royal Resorts plugs TrackResults contract into 6 sales centers via API.

August 2014Discover Vacations deploys TrackResults sales analytics software.

August 2014 – Start to Finish Travel opens newest sales center with TrackResults.

July 2014 – Financial Services America using TrackResults software marketing and sales analytics.

July 2014 – QUP Tours manifesting via TrackResults and using marketing analytics.

July 2014Vida Adds 1st of 6 Nationals sales centers in Mexico.

July 2014 – EndlessAccess upgrades for Roadshow tracking and adds new center.

July 2014 – Alturna Vacations gets on TrackResults.

June 2014GoodBuy Vacations Virginia contracts sales and marketing.

June 2014 – World Gateway contracts for sales business intelligence.

June 2014Pulaski Tours contracts retail sales center to TrackResults.

May 2014 – FinancialServices activate new sales center with sales analytics.

May 2014 – FarDirect VC contracts TrackResults for club sales reporting.

May 2014 – WorldWide Travel joins the analytics culture of TrackResults.

May 2014 Voyara subscribes to TrackResults analytics.

May 2014 – Kaleo adds 3 new clients using TrackResults tour manifesting.

May 2014 – EndlessAccess contracts TrackResults analytics for 2 Roadshow sales centers.

April 2014 – TravelTheWorld VC gets on TrackResults.

April 2014RCI recruits TrackResults as an Official RCI Affiliate Access partner.

April 2014 – AlternaTrav VC gets TrackResults for Grand Opening.

March 2014 – Kaleo group expands to Las Vegas with TrackResults.

March 2014 – RedRock Gets TrackResults software in California.

March 2014Breckenridge Grand Vacations completes TrackResults to TSW db in 2 centers.

February 2014DeltaFire Fire Suppression helps bring TrackResults into new crossover vertical.

February 2014 – TravelStation deploys in 2 sales centers with TrackResults.

February 2014TimeshareTravels Unlimited signs with TrackResults in 3 sales centers.

January 2014 – Leisure Group (150k+ annual tours) deploys TrackResults in 5 sales centers across Africa.

January 2014Vida Vacation Club opens new location in Puerto Vallarta Marina with TrackResults.

January 2014 – Marketing Solutions timeshare tour generator adds TrackResults.trax-certified-checkmark

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2013: Good Business Intelligence ( 49 sales centers added )

November 2013 – Las Vegas Sales center opens with TrackResults.

November 2013 – Encino, California Sales center opens with TrackResults timeshare software.

October 2013 – Matrix Marketing tour generator gets TrackResults marketing version. trax-certified-checkmark

October 2013 – Kipany Productions Chooses TrackResults.

September 2013 – Express Travel Network gets on TrackResults Travel Club reporting.

September 2013 – FamilyTime Connections expands new sales centers with TrackResults.

August 2013 – Happy Family travels chooses TrackResults timeshare software.

August 2013Sheraton Hacienda Vacation Club signs up with TrackResults.

August 2013 – Grupo Vidanta contracts us to build custom in-house penetration analytics.

July 2013 – TravelDeals Vacation club starts tracking sales analytics.

July 2013Payless Vacations contracts TrackResults for its 6 sales centers & Roadshow teams.

July 2013 – OnDemand contracts for TrackResults API modules.certifiedmarketer-trax

July 2013 – United Reservations enlists TrackResults analytics.

July 2013Preferred Travel Networks goes live in 3 US states.

July 2013 – Millenium International contracts for Miami sales centers.

July 2013 – Empowered Partners deploys TrackResults in 3 sales centers.

June 2013 – TimeShare Liquidators San Diego sales center puts TrackResults in its lineup.

June 2013 – Signature Integrated Travel deploys Country Club and Marina with Timeshare software version.

June 2013Lloydshare adds TrackResults Call center ” module.

May 2013 – Start to Finish Travel adds TrackResults in 2 new centers.

May 2013 – On Demand marketing, gets on TrackResults and adds 8 Sales centers as users.trax-certified-checkmark

April 2013Global Vacation Network opens new Ohio sales center with TrackResults.

April 2013SaveMore Vacations deploys in Washington Sales center.

March 2013 – Maui Dream Vacation club signs on for marketing analytics.

February 2013World United club contracts for Illinois sales center with TrackResults.

February 2013 – VegasTravel opens So. California offices with TrackResults.

January 2013 – A-Z travel puts Louisiana and Florida (2) offices on TrackResults.

January 2013 – FutureChoice starts minivac Tracking on TrackResults in California.

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2012: BI Runs the Show ( 47 sales centers added )

December 2012SKS Call centers added to our cloud. Soon to be Certified.trax-certified-checkmark

November 2012La Divina by Aldea Thai private residence club deploys Timeshare intelligence.

October 2012Legacy Properties Group deploys TrackResults BI application.

October 2012 – Worldclub Resorts adds TrackResults to new sales center.

October 2012Thor Corp gets TrackResults sales reporting for Travel club reporting.

October 2012Destination Request Services contracts us for marketing analytics of Tour Generation performance.

October 2012Travel To Go contracts TrackResults for Travel club available now in 30 unique sales centers.

September 2012FutureChoice contracts for both sales and marketing analytics.

September 2012 – FantasyTravel shares marketing analytics with their salesforce.

September 2012Club Land’or, Bahamas goes live online with marketing analytics.

August 2012Lloydshare Annuities deploys TrackResults at International HQ.

August 2012Global Vacation Network contracts for TrackResults in Ohio.

August 2012 – International Resort Liquidators deploys to Nevada operations.

August 2012Sea to Ski Vacations adds midwest sales center to TrackResults.

July 2012Flamingos Beach Resort and Spa, Puerto Vallarta deploys our SAM intelligence.

July 2012 – Signature Resorts Group adds TrackResults analytics in California center.

July 2012 – Map Destinations deploys analytics in North Carolina Office.

July 2012 – Villa Del Palmar, Cabo san Lucas contracts for TrackResults.

June 2012 – Timeshare Wholesale Liquidators opens new sales center with TrackResults analytics.

June 2012 – Hawaii’s “Preferred Guests” join the TrackResults business intelligence Cloud!

June 2012 – Portfolios to Paradise contracts TrackResults for new member sales reporting.

June 2012 – Travel Services, Inc. adds business intelligence to Las Vegas sales force.

May 2012Simplicity Travel contracts TrackResults for Club sales in Indiana.

May 2012 – Sunshine Gold Crown resorts contracts TrackResults for new sales center.

May 2012Encanto Resorts gets TrackResults Timeshare software in Playa.

May 2012 – Perfect Travel jumps on board with TrackResults club sales reporting.

April 2012 – Arizona based EWI Resorts contracts for advanced sales reporting.

April 2012Vacation International (VI) Resorts gets TrackResults version 6.0 in 3 States.

April 2012 – Simplicity Travel contracts for TrackResults in Tennessee.

March 2012Westgate Resorts contracts TrackResults efficiency tools for Gatlinburg.

March 2012Health Body Imaging Centers contracts TrackResults for effective marketing tools.

March 2012RockBottom Depot (tour generator) gets on TrackResults cloud.

March 2012 – Integrated Marketing Solutions (IMS) contracts for private TrackResults cloud.certifiedmarketer-trax

February 2012 – Condo TravelClub upgrades their TrackResults software.

February 2012Vacation Travel tours of Illinois suscribes to TrackResults intelligence.

February 2012 – Luxury Vacation Deals contracts us for Sales intelligence.

February 2012 – TrackResults timeshare intelligence piloting in Sol Melia resorts.

January 2012Market Develpment Partners deploy the TrackResults lead performance module.certifiedmarketer-trax

January 2012Pacific Palms Destinations signs with TrackResults analytics.

January 2012Freedom Travel signs with TrackResults for sales analytics.

January 2012 – PM1 OPCs test new TrackResults Call Center Confirmation module. certifiedmarketer-trax

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2011: Bring on the BI ( 37 sales centers added )

December 2011 – TrackResults connects custom API to Newport Beachside Resort CRM.

December 2011Vida vacation club buys Penders Come Good Efficiency module.

December 2011Parliament Vacation tours gets on TrackResults marketing intelligence. certifiedmarketer-trax

November 2011 – Vida Vacation Club contracts for Courtesy Tours Efficiency module.

November 2011Sea to Ski adds TrackResults in 3 additional US states.

November 2011 – Newport Beachside Resort deploys TrackResults VLO performance BI.

November 2011Kaleo marketing makes technology move to TrackResults version 6.0.26. certifiedmarketer-trax

October 2011 – LeisureTime Travel opens new center with TrackResults salesforce intelligence.

October 2011 – VegasVacations contracts for TrackResults vacation club software.

October 2011 – Time2travel Vacations deploys TrackResults sales intelligence.

September 2011Westgate Resorts goes live with TrackResults Sales Intelligence.

September 2011Sea to Ski Vacations adds TrackResults to new sales center.

September 2011GoodTimes Travel adds TrackResults in Nevada sales center.

September 2011 – TravelSmart Vacations closes deal with TrackResults over competitors.

September 2011Pacific Dreams signs deal with TrackResults for Maui operations.

August 2011H10 Resorts upgrades version and adds 2nd sales centers to their business intelligence platform.

August 2011Serenity Travel adds 3rd location (and growing) to their TrackResults contract.

August 2011Paradise Destination adds SoCal sales center to TrackResults subscription.

August 2011 – SouthBeach Resorts contracts with TrackResults for all timeshare marketing intelligence.

August 2011 – Travel and Leisure Alliance contracts with TrackResults.

July 2011 – Newport Marketing, a Florida timeshare tour generator gets their own TrackResults. certifiedmarketer-trax

July 2011H10 Resorts Mayan Riviera deploys our Timeshare Software for business intelligence.

July 2011 – Norby CMP timeshare tour generator buys OPC version of TrackResults.

July 2011 – Simplicity Travel using our vacation ownership club software for BizIntel.

June 2011Paradise Destinations deploys TrackResults Vacation Club Software in San Diego and Las Vegas.

June 2011Elite Destinations Las Vegas adds Loan Officer (VLO) module.

June 2011 – Portfolio to Paradise Deployed TrackResults Software for Travel Clubs.

May 2011Garza Blanca Resort and Spa deploys TrackResults timeshare business intelligence software.

May 2011Newport Beachside Timeshare Resort is now using TrackResults.

May 2011Global Travel Solutions gets TrackResults vacation club software.

April 2011 – Wholesale Escapes get on board with TrackResults.

February 2011 – Kaleo Marketing signs on with TrackResults. certifiedmarketer-trax

February 2011 – RPI chooses TrackResults.

February 2011JW Worldwide moves to TrackResults. certifiedmarketer-trax

January 2011 – Vacation International (VI Resorts) with TrackResults.

January 2011Villa Del Palmar Resorts gets Business Intelligence.

January 2011TravelOne vacations makes smart decision – selectsTrackResults.

January 2011E-Tour Services in Pasig City, Phillipines signs-on.

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2010: ( 24 sales centers added )

December 2010Marketing Decisions, Inc.(MDI) moves to TrackResults. certifiedmarketer-trax

December 2010 – TrackResults acquires Resort Promotions, Inc. Assets.

December 2010BravoSelect gets it’s own TrackResults.

December 2010 – TrackResults acquires

November 2010Vida Vacation Club (GrupoMayan Resorts). “VLO module 1.0” developed exclusively for them, now provides Business Intelligence on reducing cancellations, improving save percentages, and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

November 2010RedRocks Travel joins as a TrackResults client.

October 2010 – LightHouse Resort and Marina signs on.

October 2010 – Global Vacation Network adds TrackResults to 4 more sales centers.

September 2010 – Breakout Marketing, Tour Generator chooses TrackResults.

August 2010Triton Travel chooses TrackResults software over others.

July 2010 – Elite Destinations joins the TrackResults movement.

June 2010 – “Q” Marketing selects TrackResults.

June 2010Travel To Go closes deal with TrackResults for their distributors.

May 2010 – CasaBlanca Vegas signs on with TrackResults.

May 2010 – CARE conference New Orleans silver and gold anniversary.

May 2010 – Sunshine Resorts upgrades marketing intelligence capabilities to their TrackResults.

April 2010 – Royal Experience VC Signs on for TrackResults.

April 2010 – Timeshare Liquidators licenses TrackResults.

April 2010 – Exceptional Escapes Exit deal sales force using TrackResults at Sunset Group.

March 2010 – ARDA Spring Conference – Welcome New Clients: Exceptional Escapes and Timeshare Liquidators.

February 2010Florida Beach Destinations Vacation club joins the TrackResults wave.

January 2010 – Serenity VC and Delray Team up with TrackResults Business Intelligence.

January 2010 – Dreamworks joins TrackResults.

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2009: ( 21 sales centers added )

October 2009 – Strategic Alliance Marketing. certifiedmarketer-trax

September 2009Mayan Palace Resorts rolls out TrackResults BI across 6 Plazas in Mexico.

August 2009Premium Destinations adds new sales centers on TrackResults.

July 2009 – Powerline Productions implements new upgrade – now tracking campaigns!

June 2009 – DirectResorts is growing and adds two sales centers to TrackResults.

May 2009 – Los Cabos Timeshare Giant runs pilot test for 60 days – Successful.

May 2009 – Vacation Solutions adds new sales centers on TrackResults.

May 2009Condominium Travel Club adds new center on TrackResults.

April 2009 – DirectResorts selects TrackResults.

April 2009 – Vacation Clubs, Inc. joins TrackResults.

April 2009 – Worldwide Vacations sales center using TrackResults.

March 2009 – TrackResults Article “Leveraging Your Sales And Marketing Software” published in The Resort Trades.

February 2009Aurion, Inc. (tour generator) joins TrackResults fan club. certifiedmarketer-trax

February 2009MidWest Outdoor Resorts renews and adds another resort.

January 2009 – Phoenix Vacation Club adds TrackResults to their sales centers.

January 2009 – Resorts International Expo chooses TrackResults.

January 2009Global Travel Network CA joins TrackResults.

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2008: ( 13 sales centers added )

October 2008 – CARE Conference speakers – Breckenridge. (news)

July 2008GTN implements TrackResults in Denver.

May 2008 – Beachcombers extends 2 Year PIF deal with TrackResults.

May 2008 – Artista Resorts goes LIVE with TrackResults.

May 2008 – Infiniti Vacations selects TrackResults.

April 2008 – New Features Added – TrackResults rolls out v4.1.0.35. (news)

April 2008 – Spirit signs with TrackResults.

March 2008 – Mid-America Resorts goes live with TrackResults Software.

March 2008 – TrackResults invited to RDA Developers Cruise.

March 2008 – Travel Solutions Inc. now on TrackResults.

March 2008Niagara’s Lazy Lakes Resort chooses TrackResults reporting.

March 2008Midwest Outdoor Resorts now using TrackResults.

February 2008 – TrackResults adds Marketers Certification Accreditation.

January 2008 – GSN using TrackResults in (3) multiple Sales Centers.

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2007: Massive Growth, Upgrades, and CARE

December 2007 – Styx River Resort on TrackResults.

December 2007Siesta Yacht and Travel using TrackResults in the Keys.

November 2007 – RDA co-ops TrackResults pricing for its members.

November 2007 – Mountain Lakes Resort contracts TrackResults.

October 2007 – Halloween Upgrade -Rollout v4.0.10.23. (news)

October 2007 – GTG adds TrackResults – Goes green!

October 2007 – International Telemarketing Center “tours all day”. certifiedmarketer-trax

October 2007Condo Travel Club says “Yes” to TrackResults for its California office.

September 2007 – TrackResults joins CARE for Vegas Conference. (news)

September 2007 – Coast to Coast Grand Getaways.

August 2007 – Version Rolls out. (news)

July 2007 – Travelwizards chooses TrackResults Software.

June 2007 – CARE Spring Conference Las Vegas Nevada.

May 2007 – TrackResults rolls out with version (news)

April 2007 – BVC adds 3 locations using TrackResults.

January 2007– ProSource contracts with TrackResults.

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2006: New Clients, Upgrades, and ARDA

December 2006 – Tour Generators prefer TrackResults with .net.

December 2006 – Recreational Toys Co. TOYSHARE added to TrackResults client list.

April 2006 – TrackResults Official at ARDA.

March 2006 – TrackResults upgrades architecture to ASP.Net 2.0. (news)

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2005: Open for Business!

September 2005 – TrackResults version 4.0 released.

April 2005 – GTN implements version 3.0 of TrackResults.

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More TrackResults information available on sales reporting clients at