TrackResults Brings Home Highest Timeshare Industry Award: The ACE Innovator Small Company Award

There is a certain award that businesses in the timeshare and vacation-ownership world crave –an award that numerous companies aim to achieve. But when it comes to whittling all the many contestants down to just one, the process becomes very selective. This is why it’s such a lofty achievement for the organization that receives ARDA’s prestigious ACE Innovator Small Company Award.

ARDA’s ACE Innovator Small Company AwardARDA Awards

Our very own Co Founder, Sean Nickerson, and Co Founder, Drew Reynolds, accepted the ACE Innovator Small Company Award on the night of April 15th at the ARDA Awards in Orlando, Florida. Given the vast number of companies aiming to achieve the recognition (many of which represent organizations much larger than TrackResults) the honor and esteem of coming out on top as the sole winner of this award has had a significant impact on TrackResults.

This year marked the first time the ACE Innovator Small Company Award was given, and TrackResults has set a future precedent as the first organization to receive it. “The fact that the award from ARDA echoes what we have been saying to our clients for years now –that our innovative solution sets us apart from all others—is truly invaluable to us,” Drew said.

“This award just reaffirms how we’ve been working to improve our industry,” Sean said. “It’s true; our product is new and original, giving our clients the ability to access data quickly, frequently, and with great ease, and that is something unprecedented in this industry and in the world of business intelligence as a whole.”

Award team winAt the heart of it all is the knowledge and validation from ARDA that TrackResults is serving the time-share and vacation industry with a truly innovative product. The ARDA Circle of Excellence categories were judged by a panel of outside business leaders who chose TrackResults’s business-analytics software because of its groundbreaking and game-changing capabilities that truly enable continuous improvement.

Our Promise to Our Clients

TrackResults will continue to strive to be on the leading edge offering our partners the most current technology.  We work to keep our solution as innovative this year and years to come as it has been years before.  Our dynamic approach to offering our partners the latest and greatest capabilities in business analytics drives us to exceed expectations time and again, and it is the reason that continued participation within the industries we serve is so important to us. In other words, receiving an award like this only fires us up even more to keep providing continued innovation to our valued clients year after year.

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Ver 8.0.1 Unveiled at ARDA – Dashboards with Drill-ins

TrackResults Software Analytics is showering the industry with version 8.0.1 ( V8  codename “Tomato Juice”) with extended charting and graphs features in customizable dashboards. These can be shared,
hidden, manipulated and drilled-in to underlying data layers and advanced analytics.


Even Better Than Before

We knew from day 1, when we started TrackResults, that a dashboard was
a crucial ‘snapshot’ of the state of a company,” said Sean Nickerson, TrackResults’s CMO, “so every user always started on our
Dashboard page–always has, always will. This is why we have always made data visualization such a priority.”

In 2012, we provided user-level and field-level security, splash graphs, and the ability to display in a wide assortment of 3D dynamic charts. Historically, the rendering of graphics tended to slow down page loads on mobile devices.   That was then …..

Fast forward to 2015, and we are releasing the best dashboards ever–previewing at ARDA WORLD April 12th- April 16th in Orlando, Florida’s Marriot World Center. It took a lot of development to make the new features of version 8.0.1 simple and user friendly. But we now have an extremely advanced dashboard feature because of it. Our competitors offer dashboards, but we made it our mission  to do it better than anyone else. We refused to foster a “just-another-dashboard” mentality.

Our dashboards are flexible, configurable, and most importantly, user friendly. Ninety percent of our clients don’t involve their IT dept when running or generating analytics on TrackResults, so it was imperative that a “non-tech” user could have a DIY interface for all things business intelligence. We are a nimble, agile, responsive company, so we naturally stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology in our industry. Our software tracks any channel, segment, campaign, source, agent-type, product, or measurement, allowing our users to track it, display it, and make a decision. Mix, match , compare, and visualize pain points, it’s data you can feel.

Come visit our booth at ARDA WORLD, and take TrackResults for a test drive. Let us “pimp your ride” to enhance whatever reporting system you use with our earth-shattering analytics and guaranteed connectivity. Why reinvent the wheel? Use TrackResults to drive your business to new heights.

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TrackResults’s Sean Nickerson Will Speak at ARDA World 2015

TrackResults’s very own Sean Nickerson will be speaking on a panel this year at ARDA World about timeshares and millenials. With a growth in inherited timeshares, marketing initiatives need more and more to be aligned with the rising generation.


This Is Not Your Father’s TimeshareARDA World

On April 15, 2015, Sean Nickerson, TrackResults’s CMO, will have the opportunity of speaking on a panel for timeshare professionals from around the world at the premier annual ARDA World. This 4-day event will host more than 3,000 timeshare professionals from over 35 countries. The Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida was chosen as this year’s venue for all the forums, receptions, and important networking events that are a part of ARDA World every year.

“We never miss this event,” Sean said. “It’s the biggest gathering in the industry, and ensuring that we continue to play an important role in it is a high priority for us.”

This year more than 40 educational sessions, covering the whole spectrum of the timeshare industry trends, best practices, and top products will be presented. One important and noteworthy trend in the industry that will be talked about by Sean’s panel is the new generation of timeshare owners who are inheriting timeshares without knowing what to do with them. This diverse group of “millennials” is a ripe target for the promotion and education needed to get them started in timesharing. However, marketing to the millennial generation demands a new set of rules and an approach different from traditional methods.

TrackResults Software knows that thriving, successful companies do not market to millennials, they market with millennials. Sean Nickerson will be presenting alongside Michael G. Burns of Vacatia, Ian Murray, RRP of Gold Key PHR Hotels and Resorts, and Drew Hayes of Holiday Inn Club Vacations. The panel will be moderated by Renee Wagner, RRP of Grand Pacific Resorts. This educational panel will address the why’s and how’s of marketing to millennials in the timeshare and vacation-ownership industry. The discussion begins at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 15th in room Crystal P/Q.

This speaking engagement is just one more way that TrackResults is consistently contributing to improving the vacation-ownership and timeshare business. As a leader in this expanding industry, TrackResults cares about providing continual insight and solutions that drive profitable results and increase growth among timeshare companies.

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TrackResults Looks to Another Great ARDA World for 2015

TrackResults will be exhibiting at the ARDA World Global Timeshare Conference 2015

ARDA World


The Importance of ARDA World

As a leader in the vacation-ownership and timeshare industry, TrackResults knows the importance of gathering each year with associate professionals from around the world, and there’s no better place to do so than ARDA World. More than 3,000 timeshare professionals from over 35 countries will be at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida to participate in educational forums, networking events, and social receptions.

“ARDA is the biggest and most prestigious event in our industry,” said Sean Nickerson, TrackResults’s CMO. “And our annual attendance is an important opportunity for us to network with the other big players in vacation-ownership space.”

Being in the know is a critical element in providing the tools and solutions that come from TrackResults analytics software. From resort management and design, to sales, marketing, technology, and more, there is a lot to keep up on in order to provide tools that meet the needs of timeshare companies worldwide. Attending ARDA and other such events every year is just one in many ways that TrackResults works to offer the very best quality solutions to its most important people: its clients. Participating in large-scale networking opportunities such as ARDA World not only enables continual education regarding practices and trends in the industry, but it also offers a means for companies to stay on the cutting edge in their field.

This year’s conference will be the 9th time TrackResults will be exhibiting and showcasing their business analytics software before a myriad of industry leaders.  The booth number for the TrackResults will be #1136. The showcase will illustrate the ability the software has of simplifying business analytics for all involved—confirming why so many have chosen to use it for their business intelligence needs.

At TrackResults, we always know the state of the industry, because we help define it by participating in important events like this. We stay abreast with the needs, challenges, and expectations of the businesses we serve. We look forward to attending ARDA again this year, and we hope to see you there at the 2015 ARDA World Global Timeshare Conference.

TrackResults Speaks at ARDA 2015

TrackResults 2015 Charity Poker Tournament: Go All In to Help Cancer Survivors Win

TrackResults 2nd Annual “Send Me on Vacation” Breast Cancer Charity Poker Tournament is coming up fast, and this year’s Pre ARDA WORLD evening event is shaping up to be even bigger and better than the first. The call to “go all in to help cancer survivors win” has rallied the support of industry-leading sponsors and supporters.

SMOV and TrackResultspoker tournament_top

This year marks the second running of TrackResults’s charity poker tournament servicing cancer survivors and terminal patients nationwide. TrackResults partners with Send Me On Vacation (SMOV), a 501 (c) (3) charity devoted to helping breast cancer patients and their families in order to fund all the costs associated with airfare, food, and incidentals for sending a recovering or terminal cancer patient to an amazing timeshare resort vacation:  no hooks, no cost, no catch, no problem; it’s just pure philanthropy.

This year’s VIP poker tournament will be held in Orlando at the Marriott’s World Center Resort on April 11th, the evening before the 2015 ARDA World Global timeshare event kicks off. In hopes to attract the early arrivals for ARDA, along with timeshare locals, TrackResults charity poker tournament will deliver all proceeds to in order to support the survivor vacation mission. Though the event is still a month away, the support from industry-leading companies and individuals is already above last year’s numbers. 

The Poker Tournament: How’s Your Poker Face?

Approximately 200 drinking, laughing, scowling players are expected to be seated for the battle of the coveted timeshare-industry tournament. Your company reputation is on the line, so bring you’re A game. Ten players will be seated to a table, one CEO or Executive included at each. Bet minimums increase every 15 minutes until the final table of 9 players is filled. Rebuys are permitted, and prizes will be awarded for numerous milestones, such as “Best Hand of the Night”, “Every 4 of a Kind”, “Biggest Bluff” and “SPONSOR BOUNTIES!” A bounty is where you win a prize for knocking out an official, sponsored, target player.

Each sponsor will identify one “ringer” (or bull’s-eye player). If you knock out that player, you get BONUS chips, plus the pot, a prize, and bragging rights. The list of prizes include: VIP tickets to Sundance Films Festival, dinner for 4 at Rockos Tacos, 150 MPH laps on the racetrack with exotic race cars, an all-inclusive timeshare vacation with AIR, mini vacations with Air to Vegas, and an IWatch. To see a list of more prizes and all the tourney rules visit:

Our GOAL for 2015

TrackResults’s lofty goal for 2015 is to help fund 52  breast-cancer patients on life-changing, memorable getaways to heal their minds, their bodies, and as much as possible, their families from the toll and havoc of breast cancer, one survivor vacation every week for 52 weeks—sound familiar?

The Sponsors –

Thus far, TrackResults and SMOV have rallied the support of 17 sponsors for this year’s event including: Westgate Resorts, Travel To Go, Festiva Resorts, Advantage Travel, Generator Systems, Vida Vacations (Cancun), CondoTravelClub,  CasaBlancaExpress, VacaStayConnect & Krisma Resorts, Resort Management Services, Grand Mayan Cabo/Vida Vacations, Global Connections, SaveOnResorts, Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Unlimited Vacation Club, and SFX (San Francisco Exchange).

Individuals can register here.

Last year, we had 12 major sponsors from companies within the vacation-ownership industry,” said Sean Nickerson, CMO for TrackResults. “So the fact that we have 17 already pledged this year, and with a month to go, is exciting! We need 25 table sponsors total (only 7 more) for this event to hit the goal. This is an emotionally important event for us. Breast cancer affects so many women and families in our industry alone, as many as one in every eight women, in fact. Many of these families will know people who know people that we know. Often there is only 1 or 2 degrees of separation between you and the survivor. That’s why we’re devoted to making as much of a difference as we possibly can.”

Breast Cancer and Its Toll: It’s True—1 out of 8

Anyone who has ever experienced cancer for themselves, or has seen a loved one battle with the disease, knows of the toll it takes on individuals and their families. While cancer treatments are certainly financially burdensome, they are all the more emotionally and physically draining. One in eight, that’s the dreaded number, and it’s a staggering number to consider. With a statistical reality such as this, it’s highly likely that if you don’t already know someone affected by the disease, you will soon.

We Are Little. Cancer Is Big. But Together We Can Make A Big Difference

TrackResults knows the timeshare industry has hundreds of families that have been personally affected by breast cancer, and this is a huge reason as to why we rally to support the’s critical mission. We created this fundraising event for one very important purpose: We realized that while we do not have the resources to help cure cancer, we can do a lot to contribute to healing the affected by the disease, and we can do it by using timeshare-industry patronage.

Our industry is unique, and our people move mountains all the time. This fundraiser impacts the survivor right now, today—when the victims need it most. The impact is this:  all proceeds from the poker tournament will send a breast cancer patient on a timeshare vacation THIS SAME YEAR, in 2015. These are the immediate action and results we work so hard to achieve.

$1,000 Is A Drop In The Bucket. Let’s Fill The Bucket.  

TrackResults’s annual charity poker tournament delivers all proceeds to Send Me On Vacation—providing cancer patients, a stress free opportunity to create an amazing, lasting memory to offset the pains of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and grief.  The average survivor family receives about $1,000 – $1,200 in paid travel expenses from these fundraising events, not including all the free donated resort-developer inventory. We are honored to help SMOV change someone’s life today. So, please, join the cause with us, because even if you can’t attend, you can still help make a difference.
Click here to support the cause.

GNEX2015 Winner – Perspective Magazine Award for “Best Business Product” goes to …TrackResults

TrackResults took home another 1st place win, at the Perspective Magazine award from the 2015 GNEX conference in San Diego. This award is the company’s second “1st place” Blue ribbon title, within two years, having won 2014 Best Product Development last year, and 2015 Best Business Product this year. 

 The Perspective Magazine Awards

The Perspective Magazine Awards are held every year as a global-recognition program used to award companies in the vacation ownership industry (dominated by timeshare resorts)  for their talents, charity efforts, and innovative advancements. Along with this, the awards also recognize businesses and organizations that serve the industry—hence TrackResults’s involvement. The Perspective awards are part of the annual GNEX Conference, where leaders in the vacation-ownership space meet to network and to discuss trends and innovations in the business. This year’s awards ceremony was held in San Diego, California as part of a private event that took place aboard the USS Midway Navy aircraft carrier in San Diego Bay.

Sean Nickerson, CMO for TrackResults Software said, “Having Judges and our peers award the Best Business Product to us is indicative of what we work hard to provide: a revolutionary tool that offers revolutionary results. It’s an honor to be recognized for such, and taking home a trophy for our service to the industry for a second year running is indeed a privilege.”

Last year, TrackResults won Best Product Development, and this year’s Best Business Product award becomes a great addition to the company’s early-year successes. The Best Business Product award is geared specifically toward companies that serve the vacation ownership industry—businesses that provide valuable, behind-the-scenes assistance. The company that delivers the most innovative and supportive solution becomes the winner of this prestigious award.

TrackResults has been doing this very thing for years now, and their  revolutionary business-analytics software provides invaluable tools in an extremely competitive environment. In the end, the judges and voters found TrackResults’s worthy of another award and further recognition.

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TrackResults Wins Best Business Product – GNEX 2015

TrackResults team accepts the Best Business Product Award

We thank all our clients who voted for TrackResults in the Perspective Magazine awards for 2015. We won the Best Business Product Award.

The TrackResults team traveled to San Diego California the week of Feb 17th to attend the GNEX 2015: Timeshare Leaders Conference. Their days were spent in meetings with other industry leaders,and participating in great sessions geared towards brainstorming better ideas for our industry as a whole.

The team was presented the award for “Best Business Product” at the Perspective Magazine Awards Gala Dinner aboard the legendary USS Midway Navy aircraft carrier. The party culminated with the announcement of winners before senior-level industry executives from more than 115 companies.

The Perspective Magazine Awards program is a coveted global recognition program that uniquely combines a panel of four judges with a public online vote. Each judge represents 20 percent of each nominee’s overall score, with the public vote accounting for the remaining 20 percent and representing a 5th wildcard judge.

Winners were presented with elegant crystal trophies in 32 award categories.

Go All In To Help Cancer Survivors Win Invitational Poker Tournament

2015 Orlando ARDA Charity Poker Tournament

Attendees of the upcoming ARDA World Convention in Orlando, FL will now be able to gamble for a good cause at the TrackResults Business Intelligence “Go All In To Help Cancer Survivors WinInvitational Poker Tournament.

PokerNight7When: The night before timeshare and vacation industry professionals will officially convene for the ARDA World Convention. 8:00pm Saturday, April 11th, 2015 

WhereOrlando World Center Marriott 701 World Center Drive  Orlando  Florida  32821  USA 


Cancer treatments are often financially devastating, these women rarely get the chance to simply stop and clear their minds after the grueling process of going through chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. This is where Send Me On Vacation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, steps in to help these women make a simple dream come true. All of the funds that go towards sending these women on vacations are raised through donations and through events, such as the TrackResults Software Poker Tournament  “Go All In to Help Cancer Survivors Win.”

We want to thank our sponsors for all of the support they have given us for this event,” said Send Me On Vacation’s President, Cathy Backus. “We sincerely appreciate everyone coming out to the poker tournament and playing a part in achieving our goals of sending these women on the vacations that they need and deserve.”

To see last years photos and fun go to


Executive Leadership with Business Intelligence for Progress

Fast reporting that is vital to intelligent discourse and fact-supported decisions are now within reach. Anytime a group of company leaders meets to drive the progress of their business, it becomes an invaluable investment of time and money.

Limit Reporting Bottle Necks

Let’s face it, company meetings often reach dead ends or postponements on important decisions merely because the necessary data to back vital initiatives isn’t available at the moment it’s needed most. Because of this, action is often delayed missed, or else someone ends up going with what their gut is telling them.

Both outcomes are unfavorable, of course, and they can cost a lot of money and opportunity in the end. Not a single CEO, Vice President, or manager would tell you that going with his or her gut is the best way to make business decisions, and likewise, none would agree that timing isn’t imperative. So how can a company make fast, effective, fact-based decisions at the moment they need to be made? Well, often times they can’t, and it’s because they’re using the wrong tools.

A Revolution for Results

Here’s a typical example of how traditional business intelligence and analytical avenues can greatly hinder the progress of a company. Imagine this scenario: A group of executives gather for a meeting to discuss important matters directly affecting the growth of their business. The discussion turns toward a topic requiring supporting data to make the proper decision. However, the decision needs to be made by those in the meeting, and it needs to be made today, better yet—now.

Traditionally, the executives task their business analysts and engineers (IT) with finding out what data there is to support the idea being discussed. Once they’ve determined whether they may have the data they need, they then request the generation of a report that visualizes the information. Unfortunately, this report won’t materialize before the meeting is over, or even in a couple hours. This is because traditional forms of data mining and reporting involve business analysts and engineers, even before any sense can be made of the data points collected. What’s more, it takes both teams to build, decipher and deliver reports that reflect the data in a discernable way. The report workflow is so complex and involveing so many people and so much time. By the time the executives get any report back to support the concept, the burden of the delay may cost more than money. Meanwhile, they’ll stew over how long it takes to get what they need.

The Defining Difference

Now imagine that the same group of executives meets to discuss the same sort of trends and topics related to their business. Only this time, there’s one major difference. When the discussion reaches a topic that needs informations to craft an informed strategy, each individual in the room can quickly access numerable sources of data to support the discussion and the inevitable decisions to follow.

The information is accessed in real time, with each concept tested in detail immediately. The discussion is led to a data-supported and logical conclusion, and it’s all done through a convenient web-based application. This may sound like a stretch? Well, it’s not. Such a solutions actually exists, and it helps companies steer their business in the right direction faster and more efficiently than they ever could.

Discover Vacations Testifies to TrackResults value

I’ve been an administrator of the Track Results product for many years and my company would not be able to afford to do what this product can as an all-around real time reporting database. It’s an integral part of our accounting, marketing strategy and reporting requirement for clients.  I’m all about marketing and this product gives me the historical and real time statistics that I need. Gives me an edge. The low price is an unbelievable value

Brad Jones: Principle , Discover Vacations, LLC