November 2007 – RDA co-ops TRS pricing for its members

The Resort Developers Association negotiated multi-resort pricing with TRS this month as an added benefit to its members.

The RDA is committed to promoting the industry for the benefit of its members and the public, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas important to the industry, setting ethical and operational standards, and otherwise providing for the growth, stability, and betterment of the industry

TRS wishes to thank eveyone on the Board of Directors for all the time and effort they invested to make this happen and the hospitality provided by them in Nashville,TN. We invite the rest of the RDA Developers to join the others on the path, capitalizing on our premier Tour and Sales Tracking software-“Trax”. What is YOUR time worth?

Resorts of Distinction and Resort developers association logo

November 2007 – Mountain Lakes Resort contracts TrackResults

MLR fell in love with TrackResults the minute they saw it. ” Thats EXACTLY what we need”, said Jean. TrackResults especially thanks MLR for their constant enthusiasm thru the testing phase (which lasted hmmm.. only 20 minutes?)