February 26, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah




TrackResults Launches new In-house Marketing Module


TrackResults, the timeshare Industry’s leading Business Intelligence software provider announced the launch of their In-house Marketing Module. This new functionality allows Sales and Marketing managers to capture and analyze the effectiveness of in-house marketing efforts in real time, while prospects are in-house. This new tool allows resorts to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts to their most valuable prospects; the guests staying at the resort.


Implementation of this module disrupts the standard industry practices, allowing resorts to adapt their strategies and tactics based on current information as opposed to when monthly reports are released creating a more fluid sales environment that allows for adaptations while guests are still in house. The In-house Marketing Module has been installed and training is complete in seven locations throughout the US and Latin America.


Guest information can be imported from resort’s Property Management Systems (PMS) into TrackResults. Stages of the marketing funnel can then be updated as the guest travels down the sales path. This allows users to implement TrackResults on-the-fly reporting capabilities to calculate the key ratios of Leads to Appointments to Qualified Tours and create KPI’s that measure how effective their face-to-face efforts are with their on-site guests. The ability to sort these KPI’s by marketing source allows for marketing funds to be allocated where they are most effective.