Preferred Guests, LLC  from Honolulu, HI started on TrackResults last week.

“For previous years I’ve been using an elaborate sequence of custom spreadsheets to manage dispatching, reception, gifting, and payroll. It was very complicated and made it difficult to train others. That all changed when our marketing company started providing tours to a club that was already using TrackResults. Once we saw how easy it is to input marketing data, how well it organizes it, and the myriad of reports and statistics that it creates, the choice to ditch five different Excel files and go with TrackResults was easy. Thanks for significantly cutting my work load!”                               Matt C.- VP Preferred Guests, LLC

Vendors become owners of the TrackResults system when they use it with existing clients. TrackResults loves seeing the network expand in this way.

Dear graduated user, “You are most definitely welcome, and we are pleased to serve up the best.”

Encanto Private Residence Club offers an ocean-front lifestyle and flexibility with high-end services around the world. Its main sales showroom is located at El Faro resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The resorts are beautiful and the locations can’t be beat.

Project Director M.G. of Encanto says, “I found TrackResults analytics to be the best way to raise our efficiency and keep control of our sales. I needed a tool that I could use to oversee my marketing and sales from anywhere I go.”



Simplicity Travel added a new contract for Indianapolis this week.  This is their third location with us since 2011.  Project Director James at Simplicity said, “This is awesome! We use it in Nashville, and I’m glad it was so easy to put in our new center.”