I’ve been an administrator of the Track Results product for many years and my company would not be able to afford to do what this product can as an all-around real time reporting database. It’s an integral part of our accounting, marketing strategy and reporting requirement for clients.  I’m all about marketing and this product gives me the historical and real time statistics that I need. Gives me an edge. The low price is an unbelievable value

Brad Jones, Principal – Discover Vacations, LLC


Club Leisure Group, the largest timeshare sales and property management company in South Africa, recently selected TrackResults for their business intelligence and analytics partner. Leadership at Club Leisure wanted more flexible reporting, plus the ability to run instant analytics on their data without an additional burden to the IT Department.

“We have invested and developed a lot of our own software over the years,” said Thea Bormann, Board Member & Director of IT at Club Leisure, “and that helped us recognize that TrackResults does something unique: they deliver crucial information instantly, in a format our non-technical managers can use, at a cost effective price.”

Club Leisure is a visionary leader and sees the value in analyzing the data they have invested in to capture. We are impressed with their desire to know everything about their business so they can improve. We are honored to be the tool they use to make more informed decisions.”

Donald Lamont, Senior Financial Manager, said: “we decided to sign up with TrackResults because its features serve all of our reporting needs, it’s a great management tool and its a solution that is ready to use, with no IT department involvement on our side. That way we can deploy our IT resources to other projects, while we immediately benefit from the “out of the box” solution that TrackResults has to offer“.

Club Leisure Group has added 342 users to TrackResults. Now 31 sales centers distributed among 4 regions in South Africa can actively use the system.. Club Leisure is an active member and contributor to various trade organizations such as VOASA, RDO, ARDA, TATOC, and ATHOC. You can learn more at www.clubleisure.com.za
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TimeShare Travels Unlimited joins TrackResults with 3 Traveling Road Crews.

Says John C., EVP,

I wanted to thank you again for taking time to review our services this evening. I also wanted to let you know I chose TrackResults because of the ease of use for me and my staff, the ability to check my business’ analytics at any moment in time, the accuracy of the information, and most importantly the recommendations I received from friends and colleagues. I am very happy that I have chosen TrackResults to manage my information and not only have, but would gladly recommend it to friends and colleagues at anytime.

Hacienda-del-mar-sheratonAug 10: 2013 , Timeshare Software TrackResults welcomes its newest addition to their client base,
Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Vacation Club, Los Cabos.
Hacienda just completed full implementation and training this week.
Eduardo Flores, Marketing and Administration Director said ” “We decided to incorporate TrackResults into our sales and marketing procedures, in order to improve the efficiency of our operations and facilitate our data management.
We are now using TrackResults’ cutting edge technology to our advantage, in harmonious adherence with our company’s principles and quality of service. Our goal is to optimize the speed and reliability with which we obtain both our every day results and historical results. This in turn, will provide our executive team with accurate and actionable information as an advantage for our decision making processes.  

… sincere appreciation to Mr. Jesus Betanzos,  for his dedication and quality of service during both his professional and personal interactions with us. Jesus provides our staff with the best attention and support…
Director Latin America Business Development, Jesus Betanzos says :  .“It’s rewarding to work with highly committed professionals like Hacienda del Mar,  a company whose executives are willing to adopt and incorporate the best technology and practices for gaining VPG lift using Business Analytics “ .
Hacienda del Mar Vacation Club promotes the best kept secret of the Cabo region in Mexico. Hacienda del Mar vacation club started operations in December of 1995.    http://www.haciendadelmar.com.mx/

TrackResults, a cloud-ware business application that specializes in tracking the performance of sales and marketing professionals within the timeshare industry, sees continued growth at an accelerated pace.

In July 2013, the sales management system provider has announced seven new clients; a record month for the Salt Lake City, UT based Technology Company. These clients include; Empowered Partners, Millennium International, Preferred Travel Networks, United Reservations, OnDemand, Payless Vacations and TravelDeals Vacation Club.

“We decided to partner up with TrackResults, because we cannot find any data solution that even comes close to the raw power and flexibility we see in the analytics available within the TrackResults system. To be able to utilize such a comprehensive and polished system will enhance our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations even further.” Said Juan Pineyro of OnDemand, a lead generation specialist.
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Parkcity / July 17: DayStar Marketing, a Club organization with mobile teams that bills itself as “Extreme marketing and Sales Solutions” is welcomed into the TrackResults fold.  If they were extreme before, we can’t wait to see them 6 months from now.
Says Tim Burns : CEO/President: We have been banging our heads against a wall for years trying to track all our sales stats across the nation. Once we discovered TR our man-hours reduced significantly with regards to tracking sales as well as enabled us to  pinpoint many areas that needed improvement. The only mistake we made was not signing up with TR sooner.   “
Timeshare software TrackResults welcomes SaveMore as a new client. Based out of Washington, they added and trained 15 agents, plus all admin staff in a 1/2 day. Good luck team SaveMore!
“Keeping score is almost as important as scoring. TrackResults allows us to manage by the numbers. Its amazingly easy to use and and has become an essential management tool for us. Now that we have are using it, I cant imagine ever being without it.”
Steve Thomas, Vice President of Sales

FutureChoice, a provider of healthcare service packages – similar to a membership in a doctors group, contracted TrackResults analytics software to supply in depth tools for this exploding industry.

Says Sam H.,  Exec VP of Marketing ” I have used TrackResults with other marketing campaigns in the travel club and timeshare industry, and could not believe how smooth a transition it was for a completely different industry. The vertical transition was almost flawless.

TrackResults is very pleased to see our reach is increasing during our thrust to crossover into new markets.

Club Land’or joined the army of analysts in the timeshare industry that are taking performance statistics to the highest possible level. The club actually won an auction held at the last C.A.R.E conference by outbidding competitors to receive an    initial setup of the TrackResults online database.

In this unusual marketing experiment, the client paid exactly how much they chose to bid.  TrackResults received leads that were immediately willing to sign on the dotted line, as well as a recurring revenue contract with Club Land’or.

Club Land’or COO G. Eyler said, “We are very excited to have the system in place.”  Training was completed 100% remotely during a single day of webinars and video meetings, further emphasising the technology strides TrackResults brings to the industry.  The local sales office as well as the complete OPC and mini-vac team immediately started manifesting tours.  We are very excited.  The whole set-up went off without a hitch.




Complete press release here : http://news.hospitality-1st.com/TrackResults-091312.html