I have used different versions of TrackResults software, and each one just gets better.
It’s amazing how often I would have made an incorrect business decision, if I didn’t have Tracks to reference first. With TrackResults, I make smart decisions that I can depend on to be accurate.
 I would recommend it to anyone who does not have a specific Business intelligence module custom for them, then get TrackResults. It’s inexpensive, invaluable and works without custom programming needed.

Jeff Jackson: President JW Worldwide

October 9, 2007 – ITC puts TrackResults on their map !

ITC took TrackResults Software live today across the USA.

Says Kim G. ” We were soooooo ready and overdue for this, I feel such a relief”. ” We were building a program ourselves, but it’s so much more cost effective to use this already proven hosted solution and not have to worry about maintaining and supporting another IT project. In the end, it’s our clients who benefit the most”

Kim was exposed to TrackResults at her previous company, and could not find a cure, so she infected everybody with her enthusiasm at ITC as well. ITC manages tour solutions for dozens of vacation ownership companies in over 20 States.

December 2006 -Tour Generators prefer TRAX with .Net

Says Jackie K., ( soon to be married ! )—Office Manager for
Total Marketing ( aka TMF)
” I love the new version of this software. The Tour Reporting is especially nice, its so easy to use.
I get our tour results faster now, and it allows us to be extrememly responsive. Faster rescheduling is better for us, and results in higher tour-flow for us and the client. The Notes feature is especially handy. When I talk with our sales center clients, we are viewing the same webpage, so theres no confusion, and we dont have to dig through piles of paperwork”.


  • TMF, located in Tampa, FL. provides Tour generation to the Vacation Ownership industry. Owned by Tom Fomon, TMF employs about 30 staff , putting tours into over 10 sales locations and is using their own TRS software database in-house to manage tour tracking.