December 2006 -Tour Generators prefer TRAX with .Net

Says Jackie K., ( soon to be married ! )—Office Manager for
Total Marketing ( aka TMF)
” I love the new version of this software. The Tour Reporting is especially nice, its so easy to use.
I get our tour results faster now, and it allows us to be extrememly responsive. Faster rescheduling is better for us, and results in higher tour-flow for us and the client. The Notes feature is especially handy. When I talk with our sales center clients, we are viewing the same webpage, so theres no confusion, and we dont have to dig through piles of paperwork”.


  • TMF, located in Tampa, FL. provides Tour generation to the Vacation Ownership industry. Owned by Tom Fomon, TMF employs about 30 staff , putting tours into over 10 sales locations and is using their own TRS software database in-house to manage tour tracking.