Lloydshare, the premier provider of Vacation Ownership linked Deferred Annuities completed setup and training this week at its International Headquarters in Puerto Vallarta.

Established in 2002, Lloydshare Limited Incorporated pioneered the concept of offering a Vacation Ownership linked Deferred Annuity, based on the premise that no other product existed of its kind. Lloydshare’s current portfolio of Host Resorts includes over 45 vacation ownership properties .

Says Jesus Betanzos, TrackResults VP BusDev Latin America:
“Lloydshare , by expression is clearly an analytics minded company, involved with annuities,  actuary tables  , requiring extremely complicated formulas of predictive results.  Their client base is broad , and we expect quite a bit of cross marketing to take place as both companies are non competitive, and complimentary to each other.  Lisette, the Chief Office Manager , runs a tight ship, and we were impressed with her broad skillset , and assistance in customizing the application to fit the needs of a new vertical for us.”





Full Press here : http://hospitality-1st.com/PressNews/TrackResults-091812.html

Global Vacation Network (GVN) opened its seventh permanent location this week.

Steve A., the Executive VP of Sales says, ”I love the fact that I track six cities at once from my iPhone.  I fly all of the time, crisscrossing the country, and although I get a nightly end-of-day phone report of the day’s activities from my PD’s, I already know the numbers before they call.  With this information and preparation I am prepared to question certain things, and be proactive during the call”

“Recently, we terminated running our legacy dual systems, because TrackResults Software does it all for us.  Until recently, we were not really aware of how powerful and indispensable TrackResults truly is.  We thought that it was just a manifesting and reporting tool, but we out that the analytics are amazing.  Our VPG is currently the highest it’s ever been.  We are breaking record highs due to decisions and changes we have made by running analytics with TrackResults Software.

Press release here : http://www.insidethegate.com/2012/09/global-vacation-network-vpg-is-higher-than-ever-with-trackresults/

Villa Del Palmar Cabo, part of the Villa group, finished an intensive three days of setup and training in the Cabo Plazas. The Villa group is an extremely well-known and powerful force in the Mexico timeshare industry.

Villa Del Palmar Cabo san Lucas is using TrackResults concurrently with SPI software. SPI manages the office administration and bookeeping reporting, while TrackResults covers the sales and marketing.

Jesus Betanzos, TrackResults Director of  L.A. Sales says, “From the top down, executive to street promoter, VDP is commited to applying analysis to the decision-making process. ”



Preferred Guests, LLC  from Honolulu, HI started on TrackResults last week.

“For previous years I’ve been using an elaborate sequence of custom spreadsheets to manage dispatching, reception, gifting, and payroll. It was very complicated and made it difficult to train others. That all changed when our marketing company started providing tours to a club that was already using TrackResults. Once we saw how easy it is to input marketing data, how well it organizes it, and the myriad of reports and statistics that it creates, the choice to ditch five different Excel files and go with TrackResults was easy. Thanks for significantly cutting my work load!”                               Matt C.- VP Preferred Guests, LLC

Vendors become owners of the TrackResults system when they use it with existing clients. TrackResults loves seeing the network expand in this way.

Dear graduated user, “You are most definitely welcome, and we are pleased to serve up the best.”

EWS Vacation Ownership contracted for TrackResults out of their headquarters. Historically, they have focused on timeshare travel club packages and they have matured technologically since they’ve added TrackResults advanced reporting.

Welcome aboard, glad to have you on our side!

Vacation Travel Services, a travel club in Homewood Illinois just completed deploying TrackResults for Travel Clubs.

James B, owner of Vacation Travel Services had this to say about his decision to go with TrackResults Software– “We were referred to you [TrackResults Software] by Travel To Go and after reviewing your presentation, we loved the way it was able to track everything and also the customer service is great, flexibility and understanding is also good.”



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How many people does it take to generate 2 BILLION dollars in net sales?
( all numbers are approximate, using End date Dec 31, 2011)

$1,984,232,000  sales ( Dollars) volume produced using TrackResults intelligence.
3,783,452   timeshare and travel club tours manifested
82,251  report combinations and permutations available selecting only 4 attributes.   
20,287  timeshare and vacation club professionals have been tracked
8,875  unique TrackResults users.
5,869  active industry professionals currently being analyzed for performance
5,167  mail, daydrive, and OPC marketing venues rated
451 unique sales locations & call centers accessed our manifests.   
82  domains deliver TrackResults marketing intelligence
58  attributes you can isolate or combine for instant intelligence
11  TrackResults Certified Marketers. 
  company professionals that assist you.  
1 day required to train your whole team.
.01%  tolerance for bugs, slugs, lame ass reporting, and complacency.
ZER0 The number of industry companies with our analytics capabilities. 

Complacency : self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of deficiencies   

Freedom ,a well respected club, based out of Celebration Florida, went online last week running performance analytics for its sales centers.

Says PD Steve E. ,

Track Results gives us the ability to fine tune our operation.  Our staff
finds it very simple to use, yet the detailed information saves us dozens of
hours of valuable time.

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 Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO, Perspective Magazine.
“With the rapid changes in technology and the need for resorts to work more efficiently in today’s economic climate, companies such as
TrackResults Software are essential to the growth of the industry.
The expo will include the Perspective Magazine Awards Gala dinner where TrackResults SALES BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE has been nominated for Best Technology Company.  



 Adam says  “I have used the service for years and consider the organization and ease of use invaluable!”