Global Vacation Network (GVN) opened its seventh permanent location this week.

Steve A., the Executive VP of Sales says, ”I love the fact that I track six cities at once from my iPhone.  I fly all of the time, crisscrossing the country, and although I get a nightly end-of-day phone report of the day’s activities from my PD’s, I already know the numbers before they call.  With this information and preparation I am prepared to question certain things, and be proactive during the call”

“Recently, we terminated running our legacy dual systems, because TrackResults Software does it all for us.  Until recently, we were not really aware of how powerful and indispensable TrackResults truly is.  We thought that it was just a manifesting and reporting tool, but we out that the analytics are amazing.  Our VPG is currently the highest it’s ever been.  We are breaking record highs due to decisions and changes we have made by running analytics with TrackResults Software.

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