GoodTimes has recently had some management improvements, and decided to bring in true Business Intelligence, so they selected the Award winning “Best in Class” software company that delivers. The GM Adam says  “I have used the service for years and consider the organization and ease of use invaluable!”


Tamara Nickerson , Chief administrator for Global Vacation Network,
[ a client for many years using TrackResults software in half a dozen offices across the US]  recently said: ”  it is very user friendly…saves me literally hours of time compared to how I was doing it.     Thanks for the help !.”  

Says the CEO : It is Flawless software for our industry; by far the best on the market. I occasionally try to challenge it and it passes with flying colors every time!

Sea to Ski


GNEX 2012 and the Perspective Magazine Awards Gala will be held January 31 – February 2, 2012, at the magnificent Ritz Carlton Cancun in Cancun, Mexico. This industry expo will discuss vital information that vacation ownership companies need to know to grow their businesses. The expo will also include the Perspective Magazine Awards Gala dinner where TrackResults has been nominated for recognition of excellence.

We are delighted to have TrackResults Software as an exhibitor at GNEX 2012 and look forward to their participation at the event,” said Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO, Perspective Magazine. “With the rapid changes in technology and the need for resorts to work more efficiently in today’s economic climate, companies such as TrackResults Software are essential to the growth of the industry.”

Sea to Ski, a well known distributor of vacation club products Added TrackResults intelligence and cloud based reporting to their sales centers , after having used it in their marketing dept first.   Headquartered in Nevada , Sea to Ski runs operations in multiple states.

Says the CEO : It is Flawless software for our industry; by far the best on the market. I occasionally try to challenge it and it passes with flying colors every time!

Congratulations to the Sea to Ski team for completing install and training in the same day.

Sea to Ski



Norby Marketing Solutions has become the latest TrackResults Certified Marketer.

Norby Marketing Solutions, a Seattle based OPC Company, has contracted with TrackResults Software to implement Wyndams Community marketing program.  Norby has become the latest TrackResults certified marketer.  They are now using TrackResults for their Business Intelligence, and are enjoying features such as: digital manifesting, analytical reports, data mash-ups, and utilizing technology to identify best practices.

The Seattle based OPC company owner had this to say about contracting with TrackResults,


“My past experience as a regional manager for Wyndham’s OPC dept. taught me the need for efficient tracking.  Trackresults delivers all the efficiency tracking necessary for everyone in my team from the reps in the field to my confirmer working from her home office.  It’s key to success in such a mobile operation.”


Norby has joined the 21st Century sales and marketing forces, as they are using the most comprehensive Business Intelligence Software for Timeshare marketing on the market.


Good luck and welcome to TrackResults Software for Timeshare marketing!!!

Elite Destinations, after having cancellation issues, upgraded to the TrackResults VLO module , with new features after carefully considering to implement  SPI Orange systems. say A.D. owner of Elite, ” Since Trackresults is easier to use, and has better intelligence for reporting, i will keep them both and connect them later if i am happy with Orange ..  TrackResults now has a critical Cancellation intelligence and analytics module that clearly will track results of the VLO deal savers, on sales worth tens of thousands of dollars per month to us.

Most important, Elite felt the personal attention, and high level of service given to the staff has been limitless, and valuable.



on Sales reporting and marketing reporting with TrackResults-

It’s intuitive and user friendly… We are very pleased with the high quality of their
customer service… TrackResults is worth every penny of our investment. We have already recovered more than we spent.”

   Director of sales – Cancun

Says Patrick, CEO , Condominium Travel Club

“TrackResults is the Facebook of sales and marketing. It is real time and provides instant feedback.  Exactly what you need to monitor your two largest investments. Sales and marketing.”

 Without TrackResults we would not have the ability to successfully plan our sales and marketing strategies each year.  It is easy to pull vital statistical information on all aspects of our marketing and sales campaigns.  We use that information to focus our efforts on what works and eliminate what doesn’t. TrackResults gives you the answers you need when you ask the questions.  It is an invaluable tool and a must have for the person paying the bills for your marketing and sales”.



“We used TrackResults for years, and we love it. This was especially reinforced when we came very close to contracting with SPI long term. When we actually went to Florida to train on thier new Orange system, we found it too difficult to use, not as flexible for our specific needs, and missing many built-in intelligence features TrackResults provides. We wont give up our TrackResults.

“Plus , Gene, (our CEO) got a kick from the new Trackresults shortcut “App” Todd put on his Iphone while we were in our Cancun conference this week

MidwestPam Nelson – Operations Director