Norby Marketing Solutions has become the latest TrackResults Certified Marketer.

Norby Marketing Solutions, a Seattle based OPC Company, has contracted with TrackResults Software to implement Wyndams Community marketing program.  Norby has become the latest TrackResults certified marketer.  They are now using TrackResults for their Business Intelligence, and are enjoying features such as: digital manifesting, analytical reports, data mash-ups, and utilizing technology to identify best practices.

The Seattle based OPC company owner had this to say about contracting with TrackResults,


“My past experience as a regional manager for Wyndham’s OPC dept. taught me the need for efficient tracking.  Trackresults delivers all the efficiency tracking necessary for everyone in my team from the reps in the field to my confirmer working from her home office.  It’s key to success in such a mobile operation.”


Norby has joined the 21st Century sales and marketing forces, as they are using the most comprehensive Business Intelligence Software for Timeshare marketing on the market.


Good luck and welcome to TrackResults Software for Timeshare marketing!!!