TrackResults Software, the vacation ownership industry’s only Business Intelligence exclusive solution, announced today that they have unveiled version 6.0 at the Amdetur convention in Cancun.

Features that are available in this upgrade are –
Detailed Pending business tracking
Mutli-select for Teams, Locations, and Sales centers. 
OPC deposit tracking ( refundable or non-refundable )
Ability to delete a single tour  (from multi tour customers)
Pending sales column added to Efficiency Reports
Seperation of Closing costs / application fee’s ( 1x fees) from sales volume
Recording of Maintenance fee’s or Dues collected
Membership# field added
Owner vs. Non Owner stats  (reload tour reporting)
Method of payment picklists
Purchase disposition ( trade-in credit , cashing out, etc)
Field level auditing of changes ( Jane changed status to Verified @ 11:13am)
Faster loading pages and quicker results from db tuning.

Jesus Betanzos - TrackResults VP sales - Latin America



TrackResults development team and cloud specialists worked tirelessly in response to client requests to analyze the business rules of the vacation ownership industry’s weakest sales processes. The most effective way to enhance our business intelligence solution for timeshares and travel clubs was to deliver what clients are asking for. Datacubes can be sliced, and diced, even further. Oh yeah, and its faster !

Yutsil at Amdetur 2011 Cancun


The most notable major feature in version 6.0 is the ability to add on the “Penders” module. Pending sales now have their own special report sets. In V6 , “Pending” has been moved from a sales type, to a sales status. It allows the ability to track , trigger, and report penders until they become “good business”. Pender “Due dates” will trigger and produce higher conversion into processable deals. 

This new feature supports project directors and sales managers in pinpointing best practices when writing pending business. PD’s and managers can now identify who is writing good pending business, how long it is pending, and what percentage becomes “good business”. It allows for a bunch of analytics of this type of purchase alone. They are able to quickly adapt their business processes, resulting in fewer pending deals canceling, and with none falling through the cracks. The end result is better business intelligence on pending business. More pending business will become payable, and managers will be better equipped to train staff to write better deals.