FutureChoice, a provider of healthcare service packages – similar to a membership in a doctors group, contracted TrackResults analytics software to supply in depth tools for this exploding industry.

Says Sam H.,  Exec VP of Marketing ” I have used TrackResults with other marketing campaigns in the travel club and timeshare industry, and could not believe how smooth a transition it was for a completely different industry. The vertical transition was almost flawless.

TrackResults is very pleased to see our reach is increasing during our thrust to crossover into new markets.

Club Land’or joined the army of analysts in the timeshare industry that are taking performance statistics to the highest possible level. The club actually won an auction held at the last C.A.R.E conference by outbidding competitors to receive an    initial setup of the TrackResults online database.

In this unusual marketing experiment, the client paid exactly how much they chose to bid.  TrackResults received leads that were immediately willing to sign on the dotted line, as well as a recurring revenue contract with Club Land’or.

Club Land’or COO G. Eyler said, “We are very excited to have the system in place.”  Training was completed 100% remotely during a single day of webinars and video meetings, further emphasising the technology strides TrackResults brings to the industry.  The local sales office as well as the complete OPC and mini-vac team immediately started manifesting tours.  We are very excited.  The whole set-up went off without a hitch.




Complete press release here : http://news.hospitality-1st.com/TrackResults-091312.html