TrackResults’ development team has completed major modifications to the Royal Holidays user interface in order to customize their reporting structure to match their internal sales KPI’s. Heavy modifications to both the user interface in TrackResults as well as the ETL logic were needed to match their preferred reporting parameters, and to deliver a more complete statistical performance history.

For the first time, TrackResults has allowed a change in our standard reporting metrics so that a client can utilize our software to match their data preference.

Our standard headings typically display as shown below:

In the case of Royal Holidays, we created new headers that correspond with a unique set of calculations to display their data in a slightly different way so that they can compare TrackResults to their existing internal reporting systems as shown below:

This demonstrates not only the flexibility of our platform, but of our Data Analysts and Development Team. Such malleability is simply not possible in other Business Intelligence Software Products and reinforces TrackResults commitment to our clients and to providing the ultimate in  Timeshare Analytics products and consulting services.