Advantages of using cloud BI in Vacation Ownership Industry:
– Monitor performance with different criteria. Track Results
– Identify and get insights into weaker units for corrective measures
Analyze data by time, product, category, region and unit
– Help design special promotion campaign and evaluate performance output
Cultivate proven buying triggers amongst customer by analyzing customer behaviors and developing customer profiling
Optimize usage and scheduling of resources
– – Self-served ad hoc querying and business intelligence reporting tool for end users to assess their role in success
–  Perform Drill Down & Side-By-Side Analysis or filter on any variable with no limitations to “dimensions” and no cubes to rebuild

BI extracts meaning information from multiple sources – data that might not be explicitly apparent from simply generating reports. The emergence of BI corresponds to the increasing volumes of business data now captured for analysis. The volume of data and the growth of data sources are impacting the ability of companies to implement effective management strategies. BI is needed to sift through this data in order to extract the relevant information to implement change.