April ’08 – New Features Added- TrackResults rolls out v4.1.0.35

TRS rolled out a major upgraded version this month, v4.1.0.35 to many clients. This upgrade was implemented in the wee hours of the morning, with our servers offline for about 30 minutes. It was amazing to notice how many users called at 3am, wondering why TrackResults was “down”. It’s 3am guys .. go to bed !

The upgrade includes:

  • NEW: Comparative Reports – View Week, Month,and Year to Date Side-by-side.
  • NEW: “Report by” feature – Provides reports by Gift, TourTime, Day of Week, GuestType, and much more.
  • NEW: Manifest Tab displays TourTimes Summary.
  • NEW: Click through links to Tour Reports and Update Tours feature direct from the new Manifest Tab features.
  • NEW: Update TourStatus on multi-selected tours all at once.
  • NEW: Custom Export Criteria – Now you can select specific tour records for Export to Excel.
  • NEW: Date Picker on search page retrieves dates instantly now from your local system bios – (ps. make sure your local machine has today’s date correct! lol