Capital savings: Software and Hardware

  • No need to purchase Infrastructure – Eliminates the need for Servers, test environments, Client Access Licenses, Citrix servers or VPN’s for remote access. TrackResults runs on your existing computers so the infrastructure is already there; all included in the monthly subscription fee.
  • No expenditures on hardware – Cloud / SaaS applications require no hardware, storage, backup or disaster recovery systems. This reduces costs associated with power or cooling systems, data centers and utility costs. Our platform lives in the Amazon EC2 Cloud providing superior backup, availability and scalability
  • No need to engage Professional Service, purchase third party tools and modules – Many SaaS applications don’t work for your business out of the box. TrackResults includes all the built-in or bundled functionality to address your Sales and Marketing efficiencies.
  • No software or hardware replacement down the road – SaaS eliminates ownership burden and the need to forecast expenses for the Software Lifecycle. Ongoing operation and maintenance, and upgrade / replacement costs for hardware and software and periodic upgrades are included.