Competing softwares force you to give mainly “all or nothing” access, so most employees without access to business intelligence can’t see they really need to improve their performance, or SEE TOO MUCH. TrackResults has 13 pre-built security levels to filter permissions, while allowing access to only the analytic reports key personel actually need to make smarter decisions. Permissions can be filtered all the way down to where the user can’t even view a phone number, yet still run stats, increasing permissions thru 12 more levels gradually as you see fit.

No.  Banks, governments and airlines all prefer to store info in the Cloud. It is inherently safer. Your confidential email and proprietary communications are already there. Cloud computing prevents physical access to hardware.  Ninety-eight percent of all data loss is due to local equipment failure, and 99% of data theft is from internal personnel, or emailing confidential info in spreadsheets to unauthorized parties. TrackResults has a 100% perfect track record. No data loss from either theft or equipment failure- EVER.


Macro to micro drill-down insight into the underlying root causes of performance—everything from product to sales rep to geography to seasonality. is a CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT TOOL (CRM). CRM’s are for keeping track of your customer’s information, name, phone number etc.  They help maintain information related to clients, leads, and primarily customer service processes.

TrackResults is primarily a performance optimization and business process improvement tool. We actually track results as they occur, and generate dynamic reports on real time , for you to identify intelligently the successes and flaws in your sales and marketing process. Many clients of TrackResults have experience on both systems and have used them in tandem.

Salesforce focuses on maintaining relationships with customers.  Track Results focus is helping you use the ASSETS you already have in place, within constraints, to aquire customers with a wider margin of profitability, without changing your product line. It is salesforce and marketingforce optimization intelligence.