Dec 2008 -ARDA DEVELOPMENTS MAGAZINE article features TrackResults approach

ARDA Developments magazine featured an article in the December 2008 issue titled
“Leveraging your Sales and Marketing Software”
which was authored by the staff at TrackResults.
The article features tips and strategies on how to get the highest return on investment out of your sales reporting software.
Some of the Featured Strategies listed were:

  • Accurate measurements for accurate reporting
  • Run reports using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Use data to pinpoint and focus on strengths/weaknesses
  • See performance from others’ viewpoints. Get Feedback.
  • Information is accessible to those affecting change

Trax was honored to be cited as an authority in the resort industry regarding improving efficiency by using maximum reporting features. The article is on page 42 in the Nov / Dec 2008 Technology issue, and we invite you to read it and submit your comments.