We welcome Aurion to our list of marketers using TrackResults as an in house tour tracking tool to monitor and adjust campaign effectiveness as well as provide online manifests to its clients.
The additional sales centers using our software through Aurion will increase our marketshare.President of the company, J. Wunder says:

” I am going to go to ARDA this year,find my past associates and encourage them to start using this product immediately. I have been in the timeshare business over 15 years, as a sales manager, project director, marketer… I have used most other ” big guys” software products, yet never found anything that gives me exactly the information I needed until now. I’m astounded that we had employees earning over $45,000 to generate database and spreadsheet reports, and TrackResults by far…does it better, faster, simpler and for a fraction of the cost.” I’m amazed. Anybody PD or developer out there not taking advantage of this product is losing money,and losing marketshare.”

Thanks John , good luck and we are pleased we saved you a few bucks, while making your business life easier… Sincerely, The TrackResults Management Team..

Reminder: since February 2008,

  • Trax adds Marketers Certification Accreditation.
  • TrackResults offers marketers the opportunity to display the “TrackResults Software Certified” statement to their advertising.
  • TrackResults ensures your sales center that these marketers are experienced with our software and qualified to immediately upload, manifest, and prefer to retrieve their tour results from your TrackResults domain website.
  • TrackResults provides a list of these “Certified” marketers to our salescenter clients and permits the use of our logo and company name in Certified marketers advertising.



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