Welcome to our new client – Healthy Body Imaging Centers.
This is an up-and-coming healthcare industry product providing EBT scans for extreme high-resolution body images.

These Scan Centers are popping up like crazy as the technology takes off…  and they are doing presentations that TrackResults can assist with, similar to the vacation club model of soliciting tours for a heartscan. The gift is the scan. At TrackResults, we are very excited to enter this new vertical, adding to our expansion interests in Solar sales, Security system sales and other direct marketing sales systems.


The EBT C300 scanner, developed by Imatron Technologies, is the latest generation of diagnostic CT technology. The C300 uses patented technology called Electron Beam Tomography (EBT), a highly advanced CT technology that has no moving parts. Using a scanning electron beam rather than the standard CT x-ray tube, imaging is done at speeds up to 10 times faster and with 1/10 the radiation of other CT scanners. Advances in imaging make the C300 the “gold standard” in heart and vascular imaging, and also allows high-resolution chest, spine and abdominal imaging.