Unless you are in the “less than 3%” of vacation ownership industry companies that have purchased INDUSTRY SPECIFIC BI software, you dont have it47% of  500 companies surveyed , plan to buy business intelligence in 2011.

True BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies are reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, and predictive analytics.

Unless you can do all (or most) of this instantly, on the fly, you DONT HAVE BI. Good BI paints a picture for you. Stock analysts would never play the market without current Intelligence tools like these. Why are you playing around in this economy without it?
Comparing our Live Business Intelligence database to a spreadsheet or crystal report is like comparing a stockmarket ticker to last week’s stock prices quoted in the newspaper. Your static software reports can’t do this for you.

Picture two gamblers consider betting on a horserace. One gambler reads last week’s results on 2 of the 8 horses , listens to the crowds opinions, and places a bet with your money… Use him, and you win about 13% of the time.

The other gambler has a spreadsheet and a software program. It is familiar with of  7 of the 8 horses, in rain, on mud, on grass, with different jockeys, when in specific postions farther from the rail, and under all weather types. He confirms with the trainers and track vet of all horses’ current health, as of this am. THEN he reads the 1 page summary of three other renowned handicappers’ opinions and calculates the odds and bets with your moneyYou win 34% of the time. Then he subscribes to an advanced business intelligence service, and increases your winning ratio to 43%. Its the 9% extra margin YOU DONT HAVE and its ALL PROFIT .

By 2014,  40% of business in competitive markets will rely on business intelligence to survive. Depend on it like life or death importance. Luckily, your not forced. Yet, by that time, you will be three years behind them, if you wait to start. Many have already started, and are already a year or two ahead of you.