TrackResults software client La Divina resort logo   La Divina, Private residence club in Playa del Carmen took up residence in the TrackResults cloud this week.

   Divina Director, Sr Olivera says “TrackResults is the best tool for keeping control of all sales and marketing departments, It assists us to raise our efficiencies on every area”. We upload the tours directly into the website , and instantly have 24/7 access to thousands of analytic reports about those tours, from anywhere. It’s great.”
      Jesus Betanzos, Director of Latin America Business Development says “It’s great doing business with executives that capitolize on all the revenue potential of Analytics.  La Divina has started their TrackResults with a full suite of TrackResults modules, including most marketing and sales modules such as Pender Conversions and Deal Cancellation diagnostics. With TrackResults up front, and ResortCom in the back.. they have all they need.”

La Divina’s upbeat location shares the ocean view with the coolest beach clubs,  the coolest software company, AND the busy 5th Avenue