Raiders of the Lost Hierarchy and a couple other cool enhancements!


The long awaited return of our Location Restricted Data and the associated Business Rules is about to be available to our clients running the latest version of TrackResults! Venues, Hotels and Gift values have, from the beginning, been intended as Location (aka Sales Center) specific data. Unfortunately, those rules weren’t fully transferred from the older versions. Tech Debt paid! The values made available in these picklists will soon become 100% dependent on their associated Locations. If that isn’t enough data control for you, we have taken it a step further and built in optional Business Rules that will require a location be selected before a user can choose a Venue, Hotel, or Gift. Here’s a run down.


  1. Users will see only the Venue, Hotel, or Gift values that apply to their team or locations.
  2. With business rules in play, the Venue, Hotel, and Gift fields can be fully disabled until the location has been selected. Then, the values made available are only those that are specifically assigned to that location.
  3. Without the business rules in play, a user can first pick a Venue, Hotel, or Gift that is assigned to a location, but not another. Then, they can go up and select any location without losing the previously selected Venue, Hotel, or Gift. This odd edge case can be useful when the pool of Venues, Hotels, or Gifts must be more easily “cross pollinated” without the strict admin requirements.


Additionally, we’ve expanded our Sales Efficiency View KPI Library to contain Cancelled Count, Cancelled+Rejected Count, and Cancelled+Rejected $Volume as optional KPIs.


Last but not least, we’ve changed the default sort setting for our recently built Leads Detail View – most commonly known as the Check-in Detail View.


For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.



Your Product Team.