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Harding Lifestyles has Chosen TrackResults

Harding Lifestyles has chosen TrackResults to capture, track, and report on the sales and marketing activities of a new sales center in Indianapolis, IN. TrackResults was referred by Latitude Vacation Club which uses our advanced analytics at two other locations. Harding Lifestyles is affiliated with Harding Steinbrenner Racing which recently won the inaugural INDYCAR Classic […]

Location Restricted Data and the Associated Business Rules Return

Raiders of the Lost Hierarchy and a couple other cool enhancements!   The long awaited return of our Location Restricted Data and the associated Business Rules is about to be available to our clients running the latest version of TrackResults! Venues, Hotels and Gift values have, from the beginning, been intended as Location (aka Sales […]

Which Gift Will Move You Further Up the FCS Rankings This Mother’s Day?

All of us are kids, and we all know that Mom wants something special. TrackResults wants to make sure you’re atop the FCS rankings this Mother’s Day! Votes below will be collected, analyzed, and reported back Thursday Morning. TrackResults knows you care about your ranking, we’ll leave you with enough time to make any necessary […]

TrackResults Releases New Custom Form

Discover New Ways TrackResults Power Users are Diving Deeper Into Marketing and Sales Insight, at a Glance.   We’ve created an all new Custom Tour Form that has significantly multiplied our ever popular notes capacity. If you have multiple questions crammed into any one of our existing note fields, you can now break those questions […]

You Can Count On Human Error: A Personal Confession

I’d like to start by stating that this was just a teeny error, a simple oversight that could happen to absolutely anyone. If you love stories about Microsoft Excel, get excited! Or just hang with me for a few sentences and I will reward you with a great opportunity to laugh at my error, which […]


Your Business Is Growing; Is Human Error Affecting Your Bottom Line?

We are fortunate to conduct business at a time where many of our predecessors have already implemented SOPs to limit many errors, but as technology inevitably advances we are faced with new potential pitfalls as well as the resurfacing of issues from bygone eras. We hire the best people, use the best programs, replaced the […]

3 Signs You’re Ready for BI

Collecting and analyzing data gives you important insights into trends in your business, which allows you to make more informed decisions for its future. Business Intelligence software helps you simplify these processes to translate data into critical information in real-time. Here are three signs you’re ready for a BI solution. 1. Your Reports Can’t be […]

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5 Topics to Consider About Your Data Before BI

We’re all looking for the best way to ensure our companies are as productive and efficient as possible. Taking advantage of Business Intelligence software has become a common vehicle to increase our bottom lines and ensure we are allocating our resources in the proper places. What many companies find is that there may be some steps that may need to be taken when it comes […]