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TrackResult’s Relationship with Best Value Travel Club has Expanded

Best Value Travel Club is successfully selling the Saveon travel club product in their market since this Spring. They have decided that they need to manage the customer experience and can do it better than Saveon can. They have hired two fulfillment companies to assist their clients to use the product and have a good experience. One fulfillment company will use the Best Value database […]

Palace Hotels and Residence Club implements TrackResults

TrackResults is working with a well known and respected industry professional Tom Carney on a new club called Palace Hotels and Residence Club with its first sales center located at the Luna Palace Hotel in Mazatlan Mexico. Palace will be using TrackResults to manage the sales and marketing operations and to generate the analytical reporting […]

What can business intelligence do for your business?

  Companies often have objections to getting on board with business intelligence software. Either they have something else they are using or they already run these reports and have the data. What good does the data do if you are not properly using it to make smarter business decisions? Think of it as a puzzle, you know […]

Leisuretime Travel joins the TrackResults family!

Bill Bailey a long time client and friend of TrackResults will be implementing TrackResults for a new sales operation in Litchfield IL. Leisuretime Travel is a startup operation by a team of experienced travel club salespeople. They are starting small and growing their marketing and will use TrackResults from ground zero to capture important information to run […]

Let’s Talk Data

More Questions than Answers When Reviewing Data? Good, you’re doing it right. Here we go, another data guy writing another data article about data. Rather than bounce from buzzword to buzzword or tell you what your data should look like and what your people should be doing but aren’t, I thought we would spend our […]

Who is the owner??

  Who is the owner of this red-hot ride?  If you guessed Software Engineer, you are correct!


Data, Analytics, and Insights

    Data, Analytics, and Insights: How are they connected? Data and analytics build off of each other to deliver deep understanding, or insights, into your user base. Insights provide essential wisdom about your users and reveal actions you can take to better your business. However, these insights cannot be obtained without analytics, and analytics […]


The Inn Resorts join the TrackResults family!

The Inn Resorts have selected and are implementing TrackResults for its powerful sales activity tracking and analytical reporting. The Inn Resorts run one sales center and three check-in hotel properties all located in the beautiful “Golden Zone” in Mazatlán, Mexico. We are thrilled to have them on the team as they take on the expansion of the company’s vacation […]

Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development

  What is customized software? Build vs. Buy? It’s the dilemma that just won’t die. Often the answer comes down to budget. Even when the more expensive option is best, the disparity in cost between purpose-built solutions and out-of-the-box tools can be insurmountable. Custom software is a type of application developed specifically to suit a […]

Maximize the value of business intelligence

Software tools have advanced to the point that almost anyone can access Business Intelligence and perform at least basic analysis within their organization. Small and medium-sized businesses have access to data that just ten years ago was available only to the largest and most profitable companies. Now that BI is no longer a luxury only […]