We are fortunate to conduct business at a time where many of our predecessors have already implemented SOPs to limit many errors, but as technology inevitably advances we are faced with new potential pitfalls as well as the resurfacing of issues from bygone eras. We hire the best people, use the best programs, replaced the punch cards with fingerprint scanners, Rolodexes with CRMs, and work harder and smarter than ever before. The only part of this equation that creates a problem is that at the end of the day, we’re all human.


Terms like data breaches can force us to look at our processes, but they aren’t the only threat to a company’s data. The steps we take to keep the data our teams collect and input from being corrupted or inaccurate is something that is commonly overlooked. Everything from customer information to payroll and accounting is susceptible to human error, and it’s imperative that we have processes and fail-safes in place to keep these errors from damaging our bottom lines. Just remember, it’s important to make sure we have multiple processes in place to ensure our data is clean and accurate; all it takes is a ring finger inadvertently hitting delete to take us from profit to loss.