There is a certain award that businesses in the timeshare and vacation-ownership world crave –an award that hundreds of companies aim to achieve. When it comes to whittling all the many contestants down to just one, the process becomes very selective. This is why it’s such a lofty achievement for the company that receives ARDA’s prestigious ACE Innovator Small Company Award.

The Criteria:
A company or Individual whom has successfully implemented a groundbreaking product, service or concept that requires a fundamental change in the way the rest of the industry is conducted.
Watch the Awards Gala presentation here … TrackResults Ceremonial Presentation at ARDA Gala

2015 ARDA WORLD ACE Innovator Small Company AwardARDA Awards

Our very own Co Founder, Sean Nickerson, and Co Founder, Drew Reynolds, accepted the ACE Innovator Small Company Award on the night of April 15th at the ARDA Awards in Orlando, Florida. Given the vast number of companies aiming to achieve the recognition (many of which represent organizations much larger than TrackResults) the honor and esteem of coming out on top as the sole winner of this award has had a significant impact on TrackResults.

“This award just reaffirms how we’ve been working to improve our industry,” Sean said. “It’s true; our product is new and original, giving our clients the ability to access data quickly, frequently, and with great ease, and that is something unprecedented in this industry and in the world of business intelligence as a whole.”

Award team winAt the heart of it all is the knowledge and validation from ARDA that TrackResults is serving the time-share and vacation industry with a truly innovative product. The ARDA Circle of Excellence categories were judged by a panel of business leaders without a conflict of interest  who chose TrackResults’s business-analytics software because of its groundbreaking and game-changing capabilities that fundamentally change the entire timeshare industry. Wow ! that says alot.



GNEX2015 Winner – Perspective Magazine Award for “Best Business Product” goes to …TrackResults

TrackResults took home another 1st place win, at the Perspective Magazine award from the 2015 GNEX conference in San Diego. This award is the company’s second “1st place” Blue ribbon , within two years, having won 2014 Best Product Development last year, and 2015 Best Business Product this year. 

 The Perspective Magazine Awards

The Perspective Magazine Awards are held every year as a global-recognition program used to award companies in the vacation ownership industry (dominated by timeshare resorts)  for their talents, charity efforts, and innovative advancements.  The Perspective awards are part of the annual GNEX Conference, where leaders in the vacation-ownership space meet to network and to discuss trends and innovations in the business.

Sean Nickerson, CMO for TrackResults Software said, “Having Judges and our peers award the Best Business Product to us is indicative of what we work hard to provide: a revolutionary tool that offers revolutionary results. It’s an honor to be recognized for such, and taking home a trophy for our service to the industry for a second year running is indeed a privilege.”

Last year, TrackResults won Best Product Development, and this year’s Best Business Product award becomes a great addition to the company’s early-year successes. The Best Business Product award is geared specifically toward companies that serve the vacation ownership industry— The company that delivers the most innovative and supportive solution becomes the winner of this prestigious award.

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TrackResults team accepts the Best Product Development Award

We thank all our clients who voted for TrackResults in the Perspective Magazine awards for 2014. We won the Best Product Development Award.


The TrackResults team traveled to Sarasota Florida the week of Feb 9th to attend the GNEX 2014: Timeshare Leaders Conference – The Global Meeting of Minds. Their days were spent in meetings with other industry leaders,and participating in great sessions geared towards brainstorming better ideas for our industry as a whole.

The team was presented the award for “Best Product Development” at the Perspective Magazine Awards Gala Dinner. The judges were particularly impressed with TrackResults as a simple to use, sophisticated tool for resort developers. This is an exciting win for TrackResults as it highlights the dedication and development that went into upgrading the software over the past year.

Perspective Magazine awards presented at GNEX 2014 were chosen through independent judges analysis (80%) and online voting from industry peers, managers and executives (20%). The award was presented at GNEX 2014: Timeshare Leaders Conference – The Global Meeting of Minds. This year the annual event at the Sarasota, Florida Ritz Carlton was attended by more than 106 vacation ownership companies.