There is a certain award that businesses in the timeshare and vacation-ownership world crave –an award that numerous companies aim to achieve. But when it comes to whittling all the many contestants down to just one, the process becomes very selective. This is why it’s such a lofty achievement for the organization that receives ARDA’s prestigious ACE Innovator Small Company Award.

ARDA’s ACE Innovator Small Company AwardARDA Awards

Our very own Co Founder, Sean Nickerson, and Co Founder, Drew Reynolds, accepted the ACE Innovator Small Company Award on the night of April 15th at the ARDA Awards in Orlando, Florida. Given the vast number of companies aiming to achieve the recognition (many of which represent organizations much larger than TrackResults) the honor and esteem of coming out on top as the sole winner of this award has had a significant impact on TrackResults.

This year marked the first time the ACE Innovator Small Company Award was given, and TrackResults has set a future precedent as the first organization to receive it. “The fact that the award from ARDA echoes what we have been saying to our clients for years now –that our innovative solution sets us apart from all others—is truly invaluable to us,” Drew said.

“This award just reaffirms how we’ve been working to improve our industry,” Sean said. “It’s true; our product is new and original, giving our clients the ability to access data quickly, frequently, and with great ease, and that is something unprecedented in this industry and in the world of business intelligence as a whole.”

Award team winAt the heart of it all is the knowledge and validation from ARDA that TrackResults is serving the time-share and vacation industry with a truly innovative product. The ARDA Circle of Excellence categories were judged by a panel of outside business leaders who chose TrackResults’s business-analytics software because of its groundbreaking and game-changing capabilities that truly enable continuous improvement.

Our Promise to Our Clients

TrackResults will continue to strive to be on the leading edge offering our partners the most current technology.  We work to keep our solution as innovative this year and years to come as it has been years before.  Our dynamic approach to offering our partners the latest and greatest capabilities in business analytics drives us to exceed expectations time and again, and it is the reason that continued participation within the industries we serve is so important to us. In other words, receiving an award like this only fires us up even more to keep providing continued innovation to our valued clients year after year.

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