TrackResults Software Analytics is showering the industry with version 8.0.1 ( V8  codename “Tomato Juice”) with extended charting and graphs features in customizable dashboards. These can be shared,
hidden, manipulated and drilled-in to underlying data layers and advanced analytics.


Even Better Than Before

We knew from day 1, when we started TrackResults, that a dashboard was
a crucial ‘snapshot’ of the state of a company,” said Sean Nickerson, TrackResults’s CMO, “so every user always started on our
Dashboard page–always has, always will. This is why we have always made data visualization such a priority.”

In 2012, we provided user-level and field-level security, splash graphs, and the ability to display in a wide assortment of 3D dynamic charts. Historically, the rendering of graphics tended to slow down page loads on mobile devices.   That was then …..

Fast forward to 2015, and we are releasing the best dashboards ever–previewing at ARDA WORLD April 12th- April 16th in Orlando, Florida’s Marriot World Center. It took a lot of development to make the new features of version 8.0.1 simple and user friendly. But we now have an extremely advanced dashboard feature because of it. Our competitors offer dashboards, but we made it our mission  to do it better than anyone else. We refused to foster a “just-another-dashboard” mentality.

Our dashboards are flexible, configurable, and most importantly, user friendly. Ninety percent of our clients don’t involve their IT dept when running or generating analytics on TrackResults, so it was imperative that a “non-tech” user could have a DIY interface for all things business intelligence. We are a nimble, agile, responsive company, so we naturally stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology in our industry. Our software tracks any channel, segment, campaign, source, agent-type, product, or measurement, allowing our users to track it, display it, and make a decision. Mix, match , compare, and visualize pain points, it’s data you can feel.

Come visit our booth at ARDA WORLD, and take TrackResults for a test drive. Let us “pimp your ride” to enhance whatever reporting system you use with our earth-shattering analytics and guaranteed connectivity. Why reinvent the wheel? Use TrackResults to drive your business to new heights.

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