Track Results has the business intelligence and sales force reporting niche that other industry softwares probably can’t afford to begin building so late in the game. No matter when they start, they will always be training behind..  as we have first to market advantage.  We are becoming an aquisition target of companies like Magna timeshare software, Timeshareware software ,Triton  , SPI Orange sytsems , and many others if they desire to have a competitive advantage.

Magna timeshare software, Timeshareware software aka TSW ,Triton  ,SPI Orange systems were the dominant timeshare softwares when we entered the market space.  Merlin software, joined about the same time, and is making severe inroads in the marketshare. Many of these resort reporting softwares have already incorporated our keywords, and our name into thier website presence in order to capitolize on search engine optimization.

Only TrackResults can actually Track results fo the sales force, and the marketing efforts at our level.  the other guys dont come close. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and we must mention, that we are first to market with the ” cloud”, with ” business intelligence”, with web based reporting”.. We are first every time..  as innovative leaders. Rumor has it some industry software companies are adopting similar advertising concepts we already use.   Every day we increase our lead in the race for best technology.

When I proposed a certain group initiative from ALL industry software providers during a recent ARDA technology forum, one unnamed major software executive actually said to me ..”Todd , I dont think you are ever going to get all these companies to play together as a team, we are competitors”  Look behind the code of some of thier webpages, and you can see they now incorporate the keywords ” track results” a few times.  Cooincidence?  I think we are definatly on thier radars…

we are just putting it out there… IMB , Cognos , ..  one of them is going to step up to to the plate and take an aquisition swing at us one of these days. Recently we have been getting some inquires out of the blue from two New York firms about buying us … totally unsolicited,. not even form the industry. (maybe someone mentioned our name at a wall street coffee shop , and the comoetitive juices started running..  )