TrackResults Industry Averages – November 2016

November 2016 Timeshare Averages
22% Net Close
$4,021 Net VPG

57,000+ Total Tours Manifested

November 2016 Travel Club Averages
22% Net Close
$960 Net VPG

13,700+ Total Tours Manifested

The TrackResults Industry Performance Index provides subscribers with aggregated, industry-wide metrics of tour volume, average close rate, and average nVPG. The industry standard KPI’s above are calculated using best practices and are reviewed internally to ensure accuracy and eliminate sensitive, protected, and/or non-uniform data. Full reports will break down these KPI’s by various date ranges, markets, and historical benchmarks.

TrackResults will be publishing  statistics monthly. Subscribers to the program will receive fresher data more frequently than the current monthly releases. A limited number of Beta subscriptions are currently available. If you would like to be part of this introductory group, please complete the form below.

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