TrackResults has conquered the longest-standing challenge in Timeshare sales. TrackResults now offers the ability to identify the rate at which pending sales come good, the metrics for successes and failures and ability to create a roadmap for minimizing fallout.

Typically sales managers report “pending sales”, and find themselves empty handed for metrics that assist them in making these deals “come good”, No current tools existed to optimize that effort and validate the reality between throwing numbers at the wall and creating strategies that help identify business rules for pending sales. TrackResults analytics allows you to compare the performance of pending sales by almost any measure; volume won or lost, ratio of losses to wins, all tied to specific criteria such as inventory type, deal size, client demographics, and count of days spent in pending status. Perhaps most importantly, this module measures how individual agents and VLO’s perform with these key criteria. These KPI’s allow a comparison of salespeople, closers, and customer demographics to provide a safer, more predictable way to create strategies to close pending sales.

Ryan Williams, TrackResults Vice President of Business Development explained: “TrackResults client, Grupo Vidanta was already using tour and sales analytics and requested the ability to run similar analytics on pending sales in order to better capture profits from those deals by better tracking and follow-up”.

Todd, TrackResults founder stated: “The metric I found especially interesting was the average time to come good or fail” for certain types of pending sales which allowed sales agents and VLO’s to steer and frame the deal into a higher performance rate of  coming good.”

Grupo Vidanta, arguably Mexico’s largest Timeshare company and Global Travel Network, a Global Connections Inc. travel club distributor, have both tested this module and recorded similar measurable success. Vidanta, with six major sales centers across Mexico has seen a 6 percent decrease in “lost” pending sales. Global Travel Network realized an 11% increase in “penders come good” using this module.
The bottom line is that this module provides lift in profits for the developer and most importantly benefits the customer by structuring the deal in a way that statistically provides a higher rate of “come goods”. .