March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults Timeshare Business Intelligence Software introduces cancellation tracking and recovery features

TrackResults, the premier Business Intelligence Software for TimeShare Sales and Marketing teams, has answered a long-standing Timeshare Industry frustration by releasing a cancellation tracking and recovery feature that assists sales managers in identifying strategies that recover cancelled tours.

TrackResults addresses this frustration by adding the capabilities to track information on cancels that no other system on the market can. By utilizing TrackResults layered analytical views, follow-up strategies can be implemented that challenge the reason for each cancellation. Trends and patterns can also be identified that can influence scripts to preemptively address cancellations when setting appointments.

TrackResults tracks requests to cancel, reasons, VLO’s, locations, and dispositions. This information allows managers to see the cancellation process in real time. Tracking how cancelations as they are received, progress, and eventually are resolved, and by whom allows Sales Managers to tackle cancellations proactively as opposed to reactively, often doubling their effectiveness.

“Results have been amazing, surpassing even our highest expectations” explained TrackResults VP of Business Development, Ryan Williams. Clients using this functionality include Vida resorts, who have seen a reduction in cancellations from 16% to 8% and Global Travel Network, the operators of 3 of Global Connections 20 Sales Centers in the United States who have recorded a drop from 13% to 8%.

TrackResults clients have used this functionality to identify staff members that can specialize in addressing certain buying concerns and are better suited to save deals and strategically assign them based on customers reasons for cancelling.

Drew Reynolds, a TrackResults Founder explained: “Cancellations are a costly problem, all of the marketing budget has been spent and worse, a valuable appointment slot has been occupied. Losing the prospect at the last minute is unacceptable; you just HAVE to get them back.”