March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults, the Timeshare Industry’s leading Business Intelligence Software announces speed increases of up to 75% platform-wide

TrackResults, the leading Business Intelligence Software platform for the timeshare industry has released upgrades to it’s core import functionality that have increased data upload speeds up to 75%. These improvements have been made to TractResults Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) connectors, which allow for direct data transfer from various resort software systems including TimeShareWare, SPI, Merlin, and various custom CRM such as SalesForce and dialer systems. The upgrades are part of TrackResults ongoing effort to minimize the time that massive data transfers require due to the sheer volume of information being moved. Clients transferring data through the TrackResults API will also see the same increase in upload speeds.

Ryan Williams, TrackResults VP of Business Development explained “The ETL already helps us standardize and clean data, which is already huge. Now, this speed increase in the ETL gives our clients almost real-time synchronization even if their CRM doesn’t export in real-time. All this without any effort or additional cost to our clients. This combination expands our clients competitive advantage over the competition.”

TrackResults’ ETL connectors facilitate the transfer and data hygiene of all data points related    to more than 550,000 tours each year. Improved data hygiene and increased speed ensure the reliability of the millions of reports run annually by TrackResults users.

Current clients will see no increase in fees for this improvement as part of TrackResults continued commitment to improvement and customer satisfaction.
“Our technology has always been designed to break the industry curve and innovate beyond what is currently available.  We are still the only business intelligence provider for sales and marketing in the industry. This improvement demonstrates our technical abilities in a way that we don’t often get to showcase.” remarked TrackResults founder, Sean Nickerson.