March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults Timeshare Business Intelligence Software upgrades twenty four legacy clients to the latest version of their award-winning platform.

TrackResults, the leading provider of Timeshare Sales and Marketing Business Intelligence software, has pushed a free upgrade to twenty four clients over the past two months. These clients are all small travel clubs and/or tour marketing companies who have used the TrackResults platform for several years. This upgrade allows TrackResults to include their data in our TRADE Index while protecting all personally identifiable or company information. For More information on the TRADE Index click here.

Advances in data technology as well as UI preference changes prompted an upgrade of legacy clients? The upgrade pushes them up to a version that is more secure, faster, and is based on newer technology that modified and improved TrackResults client support structure. The upgrade will improve the user experience for agents in over 75 sales centers in 24 different geographical regions.
TrackResults Product Manager, Skyler Bourne explained; “What clients sometimes don’t  recognize is that our upgrades usually include a lot more than what they can see, so they don’t always rush to utilize them. In reality, for every feature that you can see in a specific upgrade there are often two or three that are “invisible” that improve data security, transfer speeds, and analytics tools.”