November 2010 – VIDA VACATION CLUB in conjuntion with TrackResults software developed a custom “VLO module “. Business Intelligence on reducing cancellations, improving save percentages, and increasing overall customer satisfaction is now available exclusively by TrackResults software.
Vida Vacation Club, The new label with enhanced service for the Grupo Vidanta timeshare giant just completed rollout in its largest sales center in Mexico of TrackResults version 5.5.22.
Version 5.5.22 contains the VLO module, designed specifically for
1) higher sales retention 2) reducing rescission by profiling reasons deals try to unwind
and 3) identifying the best resources to put canceling sales back in the box.

TrackResults specialists trained, and brainstormed with everyone in Nuevo Vallarta to put the best processes in place according to their business rules.

Vida’s Member Services dept. is already speeding up and improving new member experience and service using the TrackResults VLO module. The impact of this module is having immediate positive effects. Specialists at Vida will soon be escalating high priority tickets to the best person capable of resolving the issue, due to TrackResults analytics and Business Intelligence reports.

VLO’s at Vida can now report on dozens of factors, which affect the kick rate, and improve retention of new sales. Testimonials from key personnel, at the International Sales conference held in October 2010 in Chicago stated the company is generating or saving ” literally millions and millions of dollars each year, using the TrackResults Business Intelligence platform”
From the Marketing depts. up thru the Sales depts., VLO depts., and eventually to the desk of the corporate Directors, everyone is on the same page, and making faster, smarter business decisions.

Says Chief Technology Officer, “You guys seem less like a software company, and more like expert consultants who truly understand our process, and use your software as a tool for intelligence…” Compliments don’t come better than that!
Thank you all for your patience (Especially Brett, Kevin, Priscilla and ALL the Vida VLO’s) and allowing us to build you a module nobody in the industry has ever done before! It was fun and challenging to meet the goals. We are proud to have you as clients.

The Vida Vacation club is owned by Grupo Vidanta, arguably the SECOND or THIRD LARGEST TIMESHARE Company in the world right now, based on sales volume. TrackResults Business Intelligence software completely encompasses the sales and marketing of Vida’s excellent resort inventory, including the Grand Mayan Resorts, Mayan Palace Resorts, Grand Luxxe Villas , Grand Bliss Resorts, and the Sea Garden Resorts.
PS … now stop reading websites, and get back to work! Pura Vida !