Rockbottom Depot, a minivac generator in Louisiana, contracted for TrackResults out of thier headquarters. They historically have focused on timeshare minivac tours to resorts in Europe and the Caribbean, and have grown substantially in the US and recently stumbled across our company.  As soon as they discovered us, they signed immediately.

Welcome guys. Good luck and play well!  Hope to see you at our ARDA booth for a face to face!

Take your Business intelligence OUT of the hands of the I.T. department !

Once the knowledge base is published, it can be used to examine and cleanse other data. Once the user is done cleansing the data, it can be exported to Excel, to a csv file, or to a database. You can see in the screenshot below that the exported results show the source data and the output (cleansed data).  In this way, the business data owner can document what has been changed and share those results with other business users.

Notice that I said this was being done by the business user or data owner.  This is a key aspect of DQS: the business data owner, not the IT admin, DBA, or developer is doing the work since they know the business.   TODD GO READ MORE

Welcome to our new client – Healthy Body Imaging Centers.
This is an up-and-coming healthcare industry product providing EBT scans for extreme high-resolution body images.

These Scan Centers are popping up like crazy as the technology takes off…  and they are doing presentations that TrackResults can assist with, similar to the vacation club model of soliciting tours for a heartscan. The gift is the scan. At TrackResults, we are very excited to enter this new vertical, adding to our expansion interests in Solar sales, Security system sales and other direct marketing sales systems.


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If you’re going to ARDA World 2012 Annual Convention & Exposition April 1-5, 2012 Booth #839 The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada be sure to come see us!!!      Our booth is always in MULTI DEMO MODE !!!!



Sean K and Jody M, a Pennsylvania tour generator with a decade of experience,
after many years of “thinking about it,” finally contracted for their own TrackResults Cloud.

What does that mean? IMS can now manifest appts and tours to many different sales centers,
paying only once for thier cloud with us, instead of a ” per sales center” model. Furthermore, IMS has
been using clients TrackResults for years, so they instantly become Certified Marketers,
demonstrating high levels of knowledge and experience with the analytics system.

Says one VP at IMS, ” It is like the Borg on StarTrek. All will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”.

Westgate Resorts is now using TrackResults Software cloud-based sales and marketing intelligence in their Gatlinburg sales gallery.  This is the third Westgate sales center being analyzed for performance increases.
The Westgate execs validated their decision for starting in with Las Vegas frontline sales, and can now provide their directors and team in Gatlinburg the TrackResults tools to slice, dice and analyze their data for performance inprovements. As usual, the performance increase credit goes to the decision makers, we just get to shine the spotlight on the areas requiring an immediate decision.