April 25, 2019, Washington D.C. – Following the public release of the redacted Mueller Report, congress has awarded a commission based contract to TrackResults in an effort to combat a dreaded redaction wave from spreading to the private sector.

Statement from Congressional Leaders, “TrackResults wanted this to be a commission based deal, as they know how much upside there was on analyzing data. We awarded them $1,000,000.00 just for their research, but they sold us on the fact that commission was a win-win!”

TrackResults immediately sprung into action by polling hundreds of clients on reports submitted by their teams prior to their adoption of the popular business intelligence tool. Findings include, but are not limited to: rampant redaction, missing information, and worse still, clear evidence of collusion by sales managers looking to inflate numbers.

Excerpt from TrackResults’ findings: Vice President of Sales, Lineis Black, had a feeling reports were affected and the evidence proved redaction in all submitted sales reports. Using TrackResults, the VP found that numbers previously reported to him by his sales managers were clearly doctored. VP Lineis Black states, “had I been using TrackResults this could’ve saved me not only money, but time.”

TrackResults doesn’t let redaction slide. Don’t be like pre-TrackResults Lineis Black, get TrackResults today.

NOTE: While this investigation of #TRRedactionInvestigation2019 DIDN’T actually use TrackResults…marketing & sales professionals DO use TrackResults to insure transparency in performance reporting. 

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