April 10, 2019, Washington D.C. – William Barr testifies before Congress regarding the release of The Mueller Report, which requires extensive analysis of hotel visits by various international guests in and around the Washington D.C. area.

As Ms. Lotta Stats, the lead investigator in the effort, explained: “We didn’t have a lot of time. So, we selected TrackResults to quickly identify patterns of guests visiting various hotels in the area. I am happy to announce that Russian guests that stay at least 4 nights at the InterContinental Hotel in a 2 Bedroom or larger unit enjoy a 23% Net Close with a $3,256 Front Line Net VPG!”

NOTE: While this investigation of Russian Collusion DIDN’T actually use TrackResults…marketing & sales professionals that maximize their sales DO use TrackResults to identify the best lead sources for potential buyers.

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