December 2009 -Happy Holidays to all our Clients – May you find black ink on the bottom line of your P + L statements under the Xmas tree

TrackResults Software would like to thank all our clients for their continued support, input, and valuable business. We hope you all enjoy your Holidays and look forward to servicing you in the new year, 2010 ! Look for us in Vegas at the ARDA 2010 National convention. We are expecting to host a VIP Hospitality Suite where you can meet with your VIP vendors.
TRAX would like to recognize a few new clients from 2009.

  • Sunshine Vacations
  • Serenity Travel
  • Resorts International Expo
  • Royal Experience VC.
  • Premium Destinations
  • Global Travel Network CA
  • Strategic Alliance Marketing
  • Condominium Travel Club for Expanding us into your new offices
  • Dreamworks
  • Direct Resorts
  • Worldwide Vacations
  • TrackResults would also like to Welcome our added Sales Centers in Mexico. Your teams are amazing.