Features highlighted in 2009

Here are a few of the new features and ways to track results custom built for some of our clients in 2008 and 2009:

  • Confirm your Bookings / Appts? – MArketers, Do you confirm all bookings? Searchable and Reportable This feature allows you to track the performance of Confirmed tours from your call canter vs. the Unconfirmed tours. Does double or triple confirming of tours produce measurable benefits?
  • “Confirmers”
    Track your Confirmers – Which confirmers are better? Who needs improvement? Searchable and Reportable
  • ” Hotels “.
    Field with DropDown menu of your custom Hotels list. Searchable, Reportable, Configurable. This feature is configurable in your Administration Control Panel. Create, Add, Modify a list of Hotels your Tours are staying in for mini-vacs or Daytours.
  • Appt. “Resetters”
    Added new role /field for “Marketing Appt Resetters”
    Track your resetting dept – Searchable and Reportable
  • “Marketing Closers”
    Track your Call Center “closers”. Searchable and Reportable
  • “2nd Closer / Tripler ”
    Use a 2nd TO on your closing Tables? Track your Sales Center “Triplers” VPG’s. Searchable and Reportable in all reports.
  • Redesigned “TourDisposition” Field
    Now you can Disposition Qualified tours at many levels as well as your NQ’s. If you pay different prices for different Qualifications of your tours, this feature is for you ! All Dispositions are Searchable and Reportableas Efficiency Reports. VPG by “Disposition”
  • New Search Capabilities and EFFICIENCY REPORTS in GROUPBY: MENU
    Run Efficiency reports on your clients / Tours groupedby City, State, Zipcode,or Country.
    Combine these criteria with specific agents to improve performance for certain demographics.
  • SEARCH by ” TOUR ID# ” Previuosly hidden TourID# ‘s are now displayed so you can reference a tour by ID# in addition to other criteria
  • Hidden “Sales Notes” Feature
    A perfect way for the sales dept to isolate CSR and CRM information from the Marketing depts, if you choose. Perfect for Sales centers using Third party Tour Generators. EXCLUSIVE to Trax: These notes are Searchable by wildcard strings, and you can even run efficiency reports using keywords.
  • ” CUSTOM ” Tour Status
    By popular demand, You can assign a Non-Calculated Tour Status to your tours. Non-Calculated means tours with this “custom: status will not effect your efficiency reports as a Q or NQ tour. Sales Volume is calculated into reports, without taking the hit for a Q / NQ. Examples of using this feature are “Be Backs”, “Upgrades”, “Downgrades” ,”Muliple contracts on a single tour”, Unique financing conditions”,or anything your organization wants to Track as a Tour Status without effecting your Qualified Tours status. This field can be Renamed by our sysadmins for you. Searchable and Reportable.
  • Track Multiple Campaigns from a Single Venue or Location.
    Picture this: You have 3 booths in the same convention hall offering three different Promotions. How do they compare? Marketers DROPPING MAIL?
    Mail Drop Tracking
    Each maildrop has its own campaign ID# for VPG reporting. Each Postcard design has it’s own Campaign ID#.