Jan 2011-  VDP is now running TrackResults Business Intelligence v5.0 with much success. They required only a few tiny tweaks to have Trax accomodate thier business rules.

Villa’s newest Resort, a gorgeous property located by Cancun experienced it’s Grand opening on Christmas Day, and Trackresults was already there to start gathering analytics for the salesline as well as both inhouse marketing, and outside OPC generated tours.
Within days.. both positive and negative patterns already were already being discovered, and improvements applied. Within a month, they decided they needed us in all plazas across the country.

( Interestingly, the pre-existing software they are using was returning insufficient and conflicting results against the Trax analytics, and upon reconciling and auditing.. TrackResults was validated as having the most correct information. Makes you think, hmmmm….)

Thank you to GO,MP,BK and the others who made this happen for us. Good luck, and remember, we are always here for you guys.


Says M Piff, Director of sales,

“ It’s intuitive and user friendly… We are very pleased with the high quality of their
customer service… TrackResults is worth every penny of our investment. We have already recovered more than we spent.”