Three clients who recently signed new contracts with TrackResults Software have completed the implementation and training process and are actively engaging this powerful new tool.

Sunset Group went live on TrackResults with the completion of executive training in Cancun. Sunset’s data is uploaded to TrackResults every 2 hours enabling marketing executives to apply our unique style of analytics to their data. So far, executives have discovered gaps in their data capture as well as ways they have been looking at reports that aren’t following industry standards. This new information is allowing them to improve on their already stellar Sales & Marketing performance.

Costa Vida Resorts went live on TrackResults following training conducted by Jesus Betanzos in Puerto Vallarta this past week. They are using TrackResults to capture and run analytics on their in-house marketing, tours,  and sales. They are also using the custom dashboards for executive reporting. Hotel guest information is being imported from the Innsist Hotel PMS to enable the resort to identify true penetration and other performance metrics on in-house guest marketing programs.

Club Loco completed analytical reporting training on June 19th. They are now able to apply analytics to the data they are capturing on marketing and sales efforts at 4 boutique in-house sales operations. This training prompted additional analytical interests as they learned the power of analytics on in-house marketing efforts, as a result they upgraded to run in-house analytics as well.