Travel To Go and TrackResults Software announced an agreement to provide Travel To Go distributors with a travel club business intelligence solution. TrackResults implemented and deployed an enhanced global cloud based platform accessible to the current base of approximately 30 independent Travel To Go distributors who own and operate sales centers internationally.

Previously, many Travel To Go distributors maintained an independent contract and cloud based domain with TrackResults software, resulting in a duplication of efforts and costs. Travel To Go used their collective buying power to access preferred pricing and contract a long term agreement on behalf of all of their distributors. This single seat administration, encompassing over 30 Travel To Go sales centers, offers distributors a higher level of support that typically is beyond the reach of an individual distributor.

This global installation versus the traditional segmented model of a distributor network offers distributors the opportunity to leverage and apply analysis gained from one market to another. Travel To Go will be able to assist its distributors with business intelligence from the company’s national benchmark perspective as well as a local viewpoint.  While this deployment does not allow any single distributor access to another distributor’s data or business intelligence, it does allow for a broader understanding of patterns and trends so each distributor can capitalize on each other’s efforts.

TrackResults business intelligence offers Travel To Go an at-a-glance ability to provide intelligent answers to questions such as:

  • How does this tour generator perform in a local market versus nationally?
  • What is the historic sales production or market penetration of a geographic area?
  • Where can we improve our performance compared against other distributors as a whole?

Travel To Go is committed to the continued success of each distributor. That is why under this agreement TrackResults will provide a monthly workshop to increase the knowledge base and analytical skills of all Travel To Go distributors.

Jeanette Bunn, President of Travel To Go said, “This exclusive agreement with TrackResults demonstrates our commitment to support our distributors by empowering them with the best tools for competitive productivity, in addition to the advantages that our superior membership benefits offer. The ability to provide our distributors with snapshot answers that are critical to their decision process is a competitive advantage in our recruitment and retention of independent distributors. We felt it made sense to make this investment for the success of our distributors, because when they win, we win.”

Says Todd R., Principal of TrackResults said, “Travel To Go is leading the pack in promoting cohesive awareness and cooperation rather than a culture of ‘every man for himself’ in the sales center. Travel clubs typically demonstrate support by enhancing the product rather than investing in tools that maximize a distributor’s marketing efforts.  By making this investment, Travel To Go is centralizing the business intelligence gained from each distributor to create a national snapshot that allows each distributor to operate smarter, not harder, while driving closing rates higher and marketing costs lower.”

About Travel To Go

Travel To Go offers travel benefits and services to a loyal customer base of 50,000 members and is currently celebrating 22 years in the vacation and travel business.  The company prides itself on its five star service standards and the achievement of its mission to “Making Dreams Come True.” For more information visit or call Jeanette Bunn at (800) 477-6331 ext. 108.